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Love the Grissini bench! Any ideas for a similar looking bench under $500?

Shop the Room: Jacey & Grant's Cali Cool Bedroom
6/17/13 02:26 PM

Mine developed a revolting layer of mold after a few days on the counter - I'll have to give it another go.

5 Ways to Use a Jar of Preserved Lemons Ingredient Spotlight
4/8/13 04:47 PM

Cactus and citrus print nursery links don't work...

A Nursery Starts with Art:
Cloud Print Inspired Nursery

3/29/13 05:14 PM

For future reference, you can put a metal spoon in the bottle with the round part left sticking out the top) and it will keep it carbonated. I've done it overnight and still had fizz the next day!

Leftover Flat Champagne? Make Vinegar!
1/3/13 04:09 PM

I'm looking for a cool wall mount one beyond the plain silver ones I see on Amazon - anyone have a source?

Lovely Alternatives to the Humble Bottle Opener Apartment Therapy Gift Guide
12/13/12 01:23 PM

I want to make my own! Have a recipe?

Quicos (Giant Crunchy Corn Kernels)
12/13/12 01:11 PM

Should the butter be soft or melted? I used it straight out of the fridge and my dough is too "sandy" to hold any shape...

Simple Cookie Recipe: Vegan Vanilla Almond Sandies
7/10/11 05:19 PM

This reminds me of a clip in the promo for the new comedy "Bridesmaids" - one of the girls opens an invitation box and out flies a butterfly that perches on her head.

Helium Balloon Party Invitation
On-Hand + Modern

4/27/11 03:05 PM

Maybe dried fruit pieces, like apple rings and banana chips. How about granola or trail mix?

What Are Some Healthy Dishes To Cook With My Toddler?
Good Questions

3/14/11 04:55 PM

What are those elephants doing?

My Room: Sawyer
Littleton, CO

3/9/11 08:34 PM

Um, I'm sure the panther duvet is a joke people. Some of you are real squares on here.

5 Ways to Make The Bedroom Sexier
2/11/11 08:56 PM

yeah - I second Smile's question...what's going on???

Kansha: Celebrating Japan's Vegan & Vegetarian Traditions
Book Review 2011

1/14/11 01:42 PM

Neat! I am repulsed when my only option is a soggy round of bar soap, this would solve the issue.

Bring Back the Bar: Soap Flakes by Nathalie Stämpfli
1/12/11 02:16 PM

yes, please!

Win This Hand Blender from De'Longhi!
Holiday Giveaway 2010

12/13/10 02:40 PM

I went "all out" and bought my nephew 2 sets of laser tag so they could play with friends. I inquired as to their popularity while visiting them over Thanksgiving: crickets. Took my other nephew to Build-A-Bear for his present and the older one, for whom I bought the laser tag, wanted one so badly! I figured he was too old for that stuff? Could have saved myself some dough (d'oh!)

Tales of Failed Toys
12/1/10 07:24 PM

Very cool store, indeed. Need a pic of their massive Scottish Wolfhound!

Store Profile

11/23/10 06:12 PM

While it's resting for an hour - is it kept room temp, or in the fridge?

Lunchtime Crêpes: Using Leftovers | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/16/10 07:47 PM

Nordstrom Cafe makes one of my favorite tuna sandwiches. At home, I sub sour cream of Fage for mayo.

Lunch Special: Tuna Fish Salad, Anyone? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/12/10 02:27 PM

I prefer to eat at work because I am not really ready to eat until I've been awake a couple of hours.

I know my boss frowns upon it though. She made a comment under her breath about our temporary workers eating breakfast at her desk and that employees should eat breakfast "on their own time". I guess I understand if you are paying someone hourly, but it seems a little strict. I suppose she would prefer them to use the restroom only on their allotted breaks, too. As others have mentioned, I am perfectly capable of sorting through emails while I have eat a light and quick breakfast at my desk.

Multitasking Meals: Eating Breakfast at the Office | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/6/10 06:16 PM

any recs for something fab under $300?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | The 6 Most Comfortable Office Chairs
9/11/09 05:58 PM