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We really enjoy braised fennel, braised slowly with olive oil and broth. It makes for a wonderfully sweet, silky side dish.

What Can I Make With Fresh Fennel?
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7/18/11 11:50 PM

As others have mentioned, I've used them as the base for a vegetarian chili with good results.

Another idea which comes from a now defunct local bar is to dip the patties in beer batter and deep fry them before they go on your burger. Deep frying is like bacon for vegetarians - makes everything taste better.

How Can I Make Boca Burgers Taste Better?
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6/30/11 08:34 PM

Our standard chicken thigh recipes:

Greek chicken - baked in a 375 oven with olive oil, fresh lemon juice, oregano, salt & pepper

Braised with garlic, lemon, & chicken broth

Braised with olives and cherry tomatoes

.... all served with rice, couscous, or quinoa for soaking up sauciness

Help! I Have Chicken Exhaustion. Got Any Fresh Recipes?
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6/17/11 11:48 AM

I'm surprised that you're willing to give up your hand mixer, since we use ours pretty regularly for things that just don't work with the immersion blender (I'm thinking mainly about baked goods - creaming butter & sugar, making quick breads, etc.). One person's kitchen treasure is another's kitchen trash!

The Great Appliance Purge: An Update
6/6/11 03:51 PM

Funny, I thought summer didn't officially begin until 6/21...

What's Cooking This Weekend?
Weekend of June 4-5, 2011

6/3/11 09:34 PM

But enough about slaw... how about a recipe for your chocolate chip cookie cake? Or at least a picture?

Recipe: Classic Southern Coleslaw
5/23/11 09:30 PM

This is absolutely gorgeous on so many levels. I want your floorplan!

Chris Savoy’s California Contemporary Home
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5/9/11 11:54 PM

Absolutely a favorite in our house. Incredibly well-balanced and a favorite for gulping out of the bottle.

Beer Review: Deschute's Black Butte Porter
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5/4/11 12:45 AM

We use either farmers cheese or large curd dry cottage cheese, whizzed in the blender, with no discernable difference in taste. What we use depends on what's easier to find in the grocery store.

Recipe: Pascha Cheese with Cherries
4/19/11 04:34 PM

LOVED Chez What! I always had the California Hangover - the veggie version that subbed tofu for eggs. Sigh indeed.

And I will be the Nth person to confirm that nobody else in pdx refers to scrambles as Portland scrambles. They're just scrambles, and we know full well that they're available pretty much everywhere.

Breakfast Love: The Portland Scramble
4/5/11 10:58 PM

Jealous! This is beautiful.

Cook on the Road! Sleek Kitchen in a Vintage Airstream
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3/17/11 10:57 PM

Our five year old has been cooking with me since she was a toddler. For her, it doesn't matter whether it's sweet or savory, she just loves the process. Gathering ingredients from the kitchen or cupboard, measuring and dumping, stirring, any and all prep work, she loves it all. Besides baked goods, we've had great luck with having her make salads & salad dressings, pizza and calzones, fruit salads, and soups.

In terms of making dishes healthier, when we make baked goods I always sub out white whole wheat flour for regular white flour, and use applesauce for at least half of the butter/oil called for. We regularly add a spoon or more of wheat bran to baked goods and always add in nuts, dried fruit, and/or flax seeds as appropriate.

Have fun!

What Are Some Healthy Dishes To Cook With My Toddler?
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3/15/11 01:41 AM

Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone is very close to my ideal cookbook. I love how the book is organized, that's it's comprehensive and large, that there are numerous suggestions for variations on a recipe. I really like her writing style, I like the font size and the weight & color of the pages, I like that the book is packed with information yet doesn't feel visually crowded.

And in my ideal world, there would be more photographs and there would be nutritional information for each recipe.

What Would Be the Ideal Cookbook for Your Kitchen?
2/10/11 09:49 PM

Bravo, @Charlotte!

What's the Difference? Flour vs. Corn Tortillas
2/9/11 10:00 PM

If it were me I would just call the restaurant in question and ask what they use :)

What's the Cheese Used in Authentic Mexican Cooking?
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2/3/11 09:07 PM

Based on the many comments about sauces, it would be great to have sauce week at thekitchn! Sauce from different cuisines (bechemel, marinara, curry, peanut, mornay!), different techniques (blender sauces, pan reductions, emulsions), and how to use them. Plus dessert sauces - creme anglaise, fruity sauces, pourable caramels, mmm....

In terms of what I want to learn, I need a good tutorial for a basic everyday steak. I never know if I'm getting the right cut at the store, and it always comes out tough at the end.

How To Month! What Do You Want To Learn?
2/2/11 12:48 PM

In addition to the above suggestions, when our daughter was little we would give her dried beans to play with. Cheap from the bulk foods section, tactile, easy to scoop, easy to sweep up. We'd set her up with a big bowl and some smaller containers, plus a small scoop. That would keep her occupied for a long time.

As a five year old she still asks to "scoop beans," but now she has seven different kinds and she sorts them, layers them by colors in pretty jars, counts them, plays "store" with them, etc. And she's also a great prep cook!

How To Keep Babies Busy While You Cook
1/21/11 04:04 PM

I'd love some ideas for thick vegetable based stews. I have a great beef stew recipe that I make for my family and I have a hard time replicating the thickness and texture in a veggie stew without things getting too tomato-ey or "cream-of-veggie"-ey.

What Soup Would You Like to Learn to Make This Week?
1/3/11 06:16 PM

I've had my kitchenaid for almost 20 years and even though it sits in a high cupboard and is a PITA to bring down to the counter to use, I'm extremely grateful for it. I probably only use it 6-8 times a year (birthday cakes, bagels, whipping a ton of egg whites).

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying a KitchenAid (Or Any Stand Mixer)
12/14/10 06:59 PM

Some good options here. The beet wellingtons in particular look very 'main dish' to me.

Help Me Find Festive Vegetarian Dishes for the Holidays!
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12/8/10 02:00 PM