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As I sat wasting time on the computer looking for Halloween ideas today I ran across this post and a smile appeared - I couldn't believe that my table was featured on one of my favorite design blogs and I had never seen it.

Thanks for not only sharing my table but so many other great, simple Halloween ideas.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! The Great Grey Pumpkin And 5 Other Modern Halloween Decor Ideas
8/27/09 07:51 PM

The HP sets are amazing and as you mentioned this film did not disappoint.

I love the colors and textures that are used in each film - the worn books on bookshelves (did you not love the graphics on the potions book?!?!) The smooth glass of all the potions bottles, the rich tapestries hanging on the rough stone walls.

The visual appeal of these films makes me giddy. They are one of the few films I'll stay awake for to see at the midnight release. We even had a small party in line to celebrate the evening. You can see some pics on my blog.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Cinema Style: Harry Potter the Half Blood Prince
7/16/09 01:55 PM