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My girlfriend and I have a similar situation in our apartment. She is an artist so we have several pieces of art that came from friends and professors. We framed them all in Ikea frames and hung them above the cabinets. We were also able to string some christmas lights up on top of the cabinets (which are recessed a little at the top so the lights sit in that recess and can't be seen). When we turn on the lights it creates a nice glow from the cabinets to the ceiling. I usually climb up there every six months just to dust. It is really easy to do and it looks great. Hope that helps!

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2/27/11 10:46 AM

I know its been said before but the Expedit bookcase from Ikea is probably the best and most cost efficient way to store vinyl. I go the extra step and put all of my records in mylar sleeves. It helps protect the covers and keeps the dust out.

Another fun thing you can do with the sleeves is peel the stickers that came on the packaging off and stick them on the sleeve. Then, every time you go to play your record it feels like the first time!

Where Do You Place Your Vinyl Collections?
11/16/10 08:34 PM

We have the Mandel pictured and like it a lot. While it is true that we have to move the end tables to get into the back drawers we use those for out of season clothing storage so it is really only an issue twice a year. I also decided to use my drawer for cd storage and it works pretty great (with some added reinforcement to the bottom of the drawer, of course).

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6/16/10 09:32 PM

I have a very similar tv, record, bookcase set up. I have mine alphabetized and sideways so they are easier to find (I have about 400) but I do display some of my books and 45 records this way.

If you do decide to tackle the cords it is pretty easy with ikea hooks and a cable zipper from Staples. It is a quick Sunday afternoon project and also pretty fun.

hooks - http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20031374
cable zipper - http://www.staples.com/Staples-Cable-Zipper/product_633146

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6/15/10 12:15 AM

I just moved into an apartment and the upstairs neighbors threw a party 3 days after moving in. When my ceiling light started shaking at 12:30 in the morning I called the landlord. The next day I saw her and she said that she called the neighbors and let them know that they had to keep it down.

It hasn't been all quiet on the western front but they usually keep it down after 10pm which is good enough for me.

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8/19/09 10:40 PM

If you are coming to Cleveland and looking for some vintage fun there are two areas you have to check out. The first is Lakewood on the west side. No trip to Lakewood is complete without a trip to Flower Child (http://www.flowerchildretro.com/). Their prices range from very reasonable to a little on the high side but I am sure they are lower then the prices in New York. They have everything from clothing to furniture. There are also some other thrift stores in the area (Unique Thrift) but Flower Child is the best.

On the east side you'll want to head over to the Waterloo Arts District. There is a vintage store in the basement of the Beachland Ballroom concert club called This Way Out (http://www.beachlandballroom.com/two3.htm). They have plenty of vintage clothing, records and knick-knacks. There is another store that just opened a short walk up there street. There is also the indie record store Music Saves and reasonable used vinyl at Blue Arrow.

Enjoy your stay in the 216.

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7/16/09 01:49 PM