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It would be easy to implement a on/off switch as well as a timer for the off portion. Parts would be less than $25 and would require little to no electrical knowledge imo.

Can turn off for a desired time, both to match the length of desired "offness" or to keep it from staying off and forgetting to turn it back on.

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1/15/14 06:31 PM

I've been looking for a good entry level scale as well but seen lots of varied reviews so not sure what to buy. Budget is important as well as reliable manufacturing. Would 5 lb be too small for capacity, or will I need 10 lb or so?

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11/18/13 04:06 PM

I use the thermos method and it usually works out pretty well.
Turns out I don't like homemade yogurt as much as store bought though which is disappointing. I'm not a fan of the sour, tart taste, it has little thick pieces no matter how much I whisk it when it's done and is significantly less smooth/creamy.

Any ideas? For now I just use it for baked goods and smoothies.

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9/30/13 04:19 PM

Pulled chicken, slow cooker with rootbeer, paprika, siracha, and some BBQ sauce.
Stir fried chinese takeout copycat. General tso, sesame chicken, etc
Frozen oatmeal, best idea ever!
Soup. Black bean, sweet potato soup, lentil soups.

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9/3/13 02:11 PM