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Never knew about this, but I value my freezer space more than this would allow to make sense. A new bag of chips is too cheap to have sitting around in my freezer.

Just make some nachos with the remaining chips if you ever have a problem, and use the crumbs to top the bigger chips as the cheese will hold them in place :)

Did You Know You Can Freeze Tortilla Chips? Reader Tip
7/7/14 04:20 PM

Update: Tried the lemon thing a few ways, must have soaked into the wood a bit after all the scrubs and sprays as I got some brown spots developing.

Just sanded it down with 120 and 220 sandpaper. Looks and smells brand new. Re-oiling now. Will update once more after a week or two and confirm a lack of smell!

How Should I Clean My Smelly Wooden Cutting Board? Good Questions
6/13/14 03:21 PM

Thanks for all the replies, and for posting my question. I'll try the baking soda+lemon next, then salting and lemon again before sanding it down as a last resort.

The garlicky rancid smell has gone away, just smells like vinegar atm. so I'm sure the lemon suggestion will better.

How Should I Clean My Smelly Wooden Cutting Board? Good Questions
6/4/14 06:32 PM

Since this is active, and about cleaning. Question for you guys.
Had some people over a couple days ago, someone used my wooden cutting board to cut some raw chicken for kabobs. Didn't get cleaned till the following night.
So far I've sprayed with soap+water, scrubbed with salt, wiped clean, scrubbed with salt+baking soda, then sprayed with white vinegar and let that sit for a couple minutes, scrubbed with remaining slurry, then set to dry.

Problem: It still smells a little. Now it smells like garlicy vinegar paste that spoiled slightly. Toss it, or let it dry for a bit and repeat the above disenfecting steps till it seems better? Or set aside for meat only now?

How To Clean The Refrigerator Cleaning Lessons from The Kitchn
5/27/14 02:23 PM

Good point, I forgot about that. For less nucleation sites, wet the ice first!

Why Chilling Your Beer Glass Isn't a Waste of Time Tapped In
5/20/14 01:05 PM

This is counter to traditional advice. Especially in unfiltered brews, or homebrew. Never do this with beers of this type or you'll get some serious gas.
Pouring straight down will gurgle the beer, and disrupt the layer of compacted yeast at the bottom of the bottle.

For filtered brews just did it the other way around, 45 degrees until 2/3 of the bottle has been poured then go 90 degrees.

Video: The Best Way to Pour a Beer for Perfect Foam Video Tips from The Kitchn
5/20/14 01:02 PM

Well seeing as that's what 99% percent of beer drinkers do, I'd say yes. Also you don't have to worry about losing all the carbonation, like I said above. This is the preferred method.

Why Chilling Your Beer Glass Isn't a Waste of Time Tapped In
5/10/14 11:17 PM

Thanks for the post, sister ruined my smaller skillet a bit ago.

What to do about large flakes coming off? I ended up scraping them all off but it was a huge PIA.

How to Restore a Rusty Cast Iron Skillet Cleaning Lessons from The Kitchn
5/6/14 01:11 PM

For those fans of Oberon, try Arcadia Ales Whitsun. It's a bit less bitter due to the addition of honey and a , with more orange, more clarity, and has some spices on the end of the glass. Big fan.

If You Like Blue Moon, You Should Try These 5 Beers Too Tapped In
5/6/14 01:07 PM

This is okay for some beers, and worse for other beers.
The problem with this is two fold:
1) In unfiltered beer, there is yeast suspended in the beer that is generally not considered a desirable taste and can have unexpected effects. (lots of gas)
Notable exceptions: hefeweizen, and belgian styles where yeast is a prominent flavor characteristic.

2) In bottle conditioned beer, as opposed to counter pressure filled from a keg to a bottle, the carbonation comes from yeast consuming small amounts of sugar added to the bottle.

This yeast produces C02 in the 1" headspace for up to 3 weeks from bottling time, time will vary on amount of sugar added and temp stored. The vast majority of this C02 will remain in the headspace unless placed in a colder environment, so the result will be flat undercarbed beer. Also more c02 is lost when poured into a cold glass than when against a room temp glass, same reason Soda/pop fizzes more when poured onto ice cubes.

Conclusion: If you're drinking filtered "lite" "beer", or maybe an english ESB/brown/mild sure go ahead. Otherwise, just wait and get it cold or you'll have no head and it might taste a little bland.

Why Chilling Your Beer Glass Isn't a Waste of Time Tapped In
5/6/14 12:53 PM

It would be easy to implement a on/off switch as well as a timer for the off portion. Parts would be less than $25 and would require little to no electrical knowledge imo.

Can turn off for a desired time, both to match the length of desired "offness" or to keep it from staying off and forgetting to turn it back on.

What's Your Home Invention Idea? Here's Mine.
1/15/14 06:31 PM

I've been looking for a good entry level scale as well but seen lots of varied reviews so not sure what to buy. Budget is important as well as reliable manufacturing. Would 5 lb be too small for capacity, or will I need 10 lb or so?

Tipping the Scales: How I Am Training Myself to Use a Kitchen Scale
11/18/13 04:06 PM

I use the thermos method and it usually works out pretty well.
Turns out I don't like homemade yogurt as much as store bought though which is disappointing. I'm not a fan of the sour, tart taste, it has little thick pieces no matter how much I whisk it when it's done and is significantly less smooth/creamy.

Any ideas? For now I just use it for baked goods and smoothies.

How Can I Make Perfect Yogurt Every Single Time? Good Questions
9/30/13 04:19 PM

Pulled chicken, slow cooker with rootbeer, paprika, siracha, and some BBQ sauce.
Stir fried chinese takeout copycat. General tso, sesame chicken, etc
Frozen oatmeal, best idea ever!
Soup. Black bean, sweet potato soup, lentil soups.

What Are Your Favorite Meals to Make Ahead and Freeze? Reader Intelligence Request
9/3/13 02:11 PM