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I live on the bottom floor and I don't mind it *too* much. The girl who lives above me does have a habit of stomping around a lot, whereas her roommate is a very quiet walker (I never hear him walking around, but know he's there because I hear him play guitar).
I like living on the first floor because it's nice being closer to the ground, I can carry my bike into the apartment with ease, and the cats get a better view, too =)

Sometimes I do get nervous about break ins if we leave some of our windows open.

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8/15/11 02:50 PM

magic erasers work really well to clean up blemishes from those white mac books

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3/16/11 11:37 AM

in germany sometimes they call it a "Klo"

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3/4/11 05:29 PM

I am not a fan of organizing by colour, I think it looks a little gaudy. Plus I would have to have series broken up (like Cassis said).

we have our books organized by genre/alphabetical.

I'm thinking about getting rid of some of my books altogether in favor of a nook or a kindle.

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1/14/11 01:02 PM

the trader joe's I frequent has always had regular sugar.

I wish they had confectioners sugar, though =(

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1/15/10 10:00 AM

Messes are my favorite part of holidays!

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11/25/09 11:20 AM

Hmm. The after looks a little gaudy.

A little too much colour.

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11/24/09 01:06 PM

I'd like to think that I'm not too loud...I have a 9 month old cat who still gets in his playful kitten moods, so sometimes he will run around the apartment at 3 am. I have no idea how to stop him from doing this and the downstairs neighbors havent complained yet. A part of me wants to ask but it's pointless as we'll be leaving at the end of the month anyway.

I heard them having sex once o_O it wasn't even really loud. It makes me wonder what they can hear =^\

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8/11/09 11:08 PM