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i'm a huge fan of this site, as well as jeana sohn's blog, and thrilled to see it covered on AT. her subjects so far have been concentrated in l.a. and it seems in the los feliz / silverlake area, so i'm hopeful she'll expand with more styles and more posts!

Women and their Wardrobes
Closet Visit

3/16/11 03:46 PM

oooooh, i follow her blog and was so excited to see this pop up. recognized her home immediately.

it's more colorful than my personal style, but it sure does put a huge smile on my face!

Joi & David's A+ Illusion of Luxury
House Tour

3/15/11 12:45 AM

beautiful! i didn't know of this particular style/origin. happy to learn!

Frasadas for the Home
3/1/11 01:15 AM

this is totally my type of home tour! i love how it is so inspirational w/ lots of "wow" factor, yet also looks totally lived in + natural. esp. impressed by your DIY light fixture in the kitchen + the collection of pepper grinders. thanks for sharing!

Risa & Nick's Modern Architectural Rehab
House Tour

3/1/11 01:09 AM

are there 2 TVs in the living room? i love the woodwork throughout. it grounds the more airy, modern elements nicely. love the entryway, living room + dining area, but bedrooms seem a bit unfinished to me personally. beautiful home!

Albie Design's Family Home
House Tour

1/26/11 12:51 PM

i like john masters organics + hamadi products.

both shampoos + conditioners take some time to get used to as they don't lather as much as brands w/ sls + the conditioners often don't feel as slippery or smoothing.

Four SLS and Paraben Free Shampoos
1/26/11 12:33 PM

---> for the "reuse plastic grocery bags" instead of trash bags, how about upping it further to paper grocery sacks or not using one at all?

i don't take plastic bags from the grocery store ever. haven't touched one for almost 2 years since i bring my own or maybe, maybe take paper. so i'd rather avoid in full. plus, my closets + junk drawers don't yield anything too wet or oozing that plastic needs to hold in.

also, i've been known to make a big pile of papers + cart those out, in my arms, to the dumpster. no need to put in a bag that will be in use for all of 5 min.

long explanation for a simple idea ;)

---> other note would be in addition to donating to Goodwill (or Salvation Army or other thrift store), using Freecycle or other "second home" options. there are many items thrift stores won't take or they'll take but throw away. Freecycle, women + children's shelters (contact through your local police department), + local public schools may be a good outlet for those things Goodwill may not want.

my tips for Freecycle:

i included the following in a blog post about green home cleaning: "research potential 'second homes' for your products now, so you can rely on them quickly + easily when you're ready to get rid of an item. look into your local salvation army or goodwill, as well as local women's shelters. most have easy drop-offs or will even pick up items from your home. sign up for craigslist (to sell + buy) or freecycle (to give away or receive, for free). if you have books or DVDs, call your local library regarding potential donations or join swap tree (to trade with other members)."

Tips for Green Organizing and Cleaning
1/25/11 06:38 PM

those are my favorite flowers, so i've learned to REMOVE the pollen buds as soon as possible!

just hold a paper towel or napkin, wrap it around the stamens (?) and pull up. they'll slide right off. it does not damage the flower or make them die quicker. this way you don't risk them getting on clothing or home decor.

How To Remove Pollen Stains from Fabric
1/10/11 07:47 PM

love the kitchen backsplash and bedroom dresser!

Daryl & Jenna's Playful Pad
House Tour

1/6/11 07:32 PM

haven't clicked through yet, but regarding the bulk bins, i use reusable cloth bags, then dump into the bins in my cabinet when i get home. easy!

they weigh practically nothing, so the scale reads just fine. there are heavier weight ones (more opaque) for smaller grains. here is one version i use:

if you get grains or beans in the bulk bins, i highly recommending putting them into your freezer for 24 hrs *before* your pantry, to kill any grain bugs (common occurrence, no real harm, just a big pain - google it). so going from bulk bin to glass isn't ideal in this situation anyways.

A Resolution: Zero-Waste Home for the New Year
Sunset Magazine

1/5/11 04:33 PM

such great tips for a fresh new start to the year! i recommend utilizing Freecycle or a similar site, especially for the magazines. lots of people jump at the chance to take them off my hand, regardless of how old they are! makes 'em take on another life before they hit the recycling bin.

5 Things To Let Go of Today
1/4/11 02:19 PM

@fulinlin - people refer to things as "mid-century" in style, even if they aren't actually from mid-century and are brand new pieces... it's a term used to describe an appearance or general style. when some use the word "ethnic" they are not saying the pieces they are describing are from the same origin or country. it's a word used to describe a certain look, which in many cases is handmade textiles in certain colors and patterns. if "ethnic" was offensive, as many here are stating, i would not use it, but i feel there should be some alternative adjective to describe that style or genre. and again, one that could be used for the *look* of it, not necessary the *actual* origin of it.

saying you have collected items from places you've traveled may be accurate, but it does not replace an adjective describing their style. collecting items while traveling could mean a million different styles, appearances, heritages, etc. to me, that doesn't take the place of what one is trying to say when they say, "ethnic."

would love to hear of alternatives to that word and haven't yet on this thread. that's all...

Chris & Kenny's Blend of Mid-Century and Ethnic Prints
House Tour

12/5/10 06:25 PM

after viewing all the pictures i don't get a feel for who lives here. it is all over the place. and a good space, to me, is one that reflects who lives there...

Fred & Susan's Slowly Developing Style
House Tour

12/4/10 06:03 PM

reminds me of the ace in palm springs - very cool, laid-back, beachy style with hints of mid-century and colorful textiles.

i personally would want a more refined space, but they have great treasures + pieces.

re: the word of "ethnic" - many people (myself included) don't know the history of patterns + textiles we see + own. i don't mean to be insensitive w/ that word, but don't know what other term would be better for describing that style, not designating it's origin...

Chris & Kenny's Blend of Mid-Century and Ethnic Prints
House Tour

12/4/10 05:58 PM

i've loved PCP for a long time. so rad to see the apartment behind the site. i love all the pieces. there is a heck of a lot of stuff, but it really treads that fine line of clutter, so well. art + bar-ware are especially cool.

Sonja's Salon de Silver Lake
House Tour

11/26/10 10:57 PM

so fun! it's a place i want to come over to for a dinner party ;) love all the faux bamboo + mirrors. delightful!

Allison's Playful Chinoiserie Modern
House Tour

11/23/10 12:34 PM

sophisticated. gorgeous. great pieces. love the black walls. great tour all around - he should be proud to show it off!

Aaron's Astor Tower Apartment
House Tour

11/23/10 12:33 PM

amazing from start to finish. it's oozing with personality + i truly love so many elements.

love the "love me" graffiti throughout la. is the wall art a decal? a replica?

Steven Arroyo's Think Tank
House Tour

11/11/10 10:33 PM

@tdubb2008 + @shaiya - best compliment i could receive. thank you!

@gwylan - the magazine holders + small boxes are from CB2. part of the "format" collection. they are a thick acrylic that is the nicest looking i've found. do not appear thin or plastic-y. the boxes are now only available in stacks of 3 i believe + i didn't think the thickness matched these, last time i saw them in store.

Scott & Jessica Merge Their Styles With Ease
House Tour

10/28/10 04:56 PM

great pieces! it's apparent he has a great eye + style.

would love to hear more about the artwork. heading over to check out the flickr stream!

something about the way the art is hung over the credenza is off to me though. having my own AT tour, i know that the pictures don't always look like how it appears in person though.

Brett's First Place
House Call

10/23/10 12:46 PM