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Also the chairs depend on waht your needs are.
Are these chairs going to be used a lot?
Do you expect to lounge around on a sunday in these?
Are they just for light sitting and to balance out the room?

What Color Style Chair to Complement New Sofa? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
4/29/10 09:30 AM

First let me just say taht I am jealous that you have room for a sofa. So here are a few options. I don't know your price range.

Second I would go with something natural like...

these are low like the sofa and Im sure cheap to re upholster.

As far as color is concerned, I would go neutral as to not take away fromt he sofa. the sofa could, if you wanted it to, now be the center of attention in this room. Use accent pillows to tie it all together.

What Color Style Chair to Complement New Sofa? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
4/29/10 09:28 AM

Not so great Photoshop probably.

Colleen's Vintage EclecticStudio With Style | Apartment Therapy DC
4/28/10 04:19 PM

You people are funny!
From a designers point of view; Do I like it, no. Could I work with it if a client wanted me to, yes.
I can't imagine it being comfortable so I would say perhaps it works in a commercial setting. It's kitchy and there is a lot of kitchy stuff going around right now.

I'm not sure if I am conservative or not when it comes to design, although I would say that I am practical when it comes to furniture. If I can look at a piece and ask myself "would I want to sit in this chair?" and the answer is no than I wouldn't select it for my client.

Apartment Therapy New York | Hot or Not? Voltaire Collection by Jasper van Groote
10/19/09 11:07 AM

Yes, the warm tones are covered with the floors and mantel.

A gray with a purple undertone is really hot right now. I would leave the trim white as it is. This color is enough neutral that it can go with almost anything in regards to furnishings.

I would suggest not adding a chair rail and splitting colors. Walls should be a clean back drop that makes your artwork pop.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Color Suggestions to Save Us from Our White Walls? Good Questions
9/8/09 07:51 PM

Your chairs and the seat on your sofa are a grayish. If anything do a cool white, not a warm white. The room doesn't seem to have a lot of natural lighting so gray would be bad, whites would be good.

I would suggest painting the paneling first and see how you like it than if you still aren't happy with the look paint the brick a cool white as well.

Painting brick is always a no no in my book unless no other options are working or available.


Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Should I Paint My Fireplace Gray? Good Questions
9/8/09 07:37 PM

Lighting and white are going to be your friend here.

the place needs to be brightened up to contrast with all the heavy materials.

i.e. white cushions for the benches. A large light area rug. Keep furniture pieces light as well, nothing heavy.

I think someone suggested a wall of light (linen perhaps) drapes to cover the wall. I dig that!

Different shades of white will work as well.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How to Decorate "Wood Hell" ? Good Questions
7/24/09 10:58 PM

It's a great idea for anyone with a space that has a lot going on. It's a clean look if you aren't afraid of the idea.

I tried to get a client to do it. She was all about it. The husband denied it though.

Unless your molding is a focal point and it's a large space contrasting moldings to walls can get busy if you aren't careful.

Good call!!!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Using Paint to Expand a Corner Austin
7/24/09 10:50 PM

It's kitchy!

I see a lot of amateur designers liking this piece.

You can't really set anything on top of it.

Even storage is minimal.

Practicality went right out the window with this piece.

so what is it good for? It's just a fun piece; nothing more, nothing less.

Apartment Therapy DC | Hot or Not? Lectus Pile of Books End Table
7/24/09 10:46 PM

Your cabinet faces are outdated. I like the idea of removing top cabinets and replacing with sleek open shelves that span the whole length of the "L" shaped kitchen.

Depending on budget your tiles are outdated as well. How did these people sell you on this place? haha

if you can rip out tile that would be great as well. I think you should paint bottom cabinets as well as replace the doors. Update your hardware to something more modern.

If budget is small a simple white subway tile can replace the blue and I strongly recommend painting over the yellow unless you do a vibrant color above suggested subway tile to act as an accent whereas here it is not.

As far as accents and having fun with the kitchen. I am really a fan of chalk paint right now as a DIY for kitchens. I think the wall with the peninsula would be a great place for this once the peninsula is removed.

If the counter top is in mint condition I say why not keep it. counters can take a lot out of a budget. Better yet, save that project for a later date. If it fits into the budget to replace it a dark slate color of a solid surface would go nicely against the white subway tile and tie in with suggested chalk wall. I cant ttell waht your floor is but I am also into painting large squares of white and any other color like soft blues or tomato red (checkered) floors. If you do something like this than keep all walls neutral and light.

If you are dead set on not painting the cabinets than everything else MUST be updated and lightened to offset them.

It is a dark kitchen so lightening it up is your goal here. Dark cabinets are going to work against you.

Hope you got some great tips from everyone.


Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: How To Update Kitchen?
7/14/09 07:24 PM