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So funny! The Find your spot sent me to Orlando, the international to Panama and the city to State College, PA (Nvr heard of it!) But the best was HGTV saying I should have a country farm! (PUKE) lol love it! So fun!

Where-To-Live Quizzes: Have You Taken One? Did You Follow Its Advice?
4/9/13 04:41 PM

I think its similar to one from eq3. The stella or reverie?

Help Identify this Brown Leather Sofa? Good Questions
2/18/13 01:16 PM

Def jam polka dots! And super saturated floors, burgandy stain, navy wood, deep rich coloured carpets. It balances the white walls? I dunno, I'm prolly way off! And maybe appliances will do the same! New glosses for white, wine coloured stove and fridge, mint!!!!TThat's a trend I would buy into. Hate stainless, sooooo high maintence.
And rock stars from the 70/80s photoshopped with lyrics will be the new stay calm poster? I dunno

Trend Prediction: What Do You Think is The Next Big Thing?
1/27/13 10:28 AM

My husband and I are looking for a place in Downtown Toronto. The one we just saw was 580 square feet and was $1800 +++/month. The one we turned down was 600 sqft @ $2100 ++, but it did have a view of the highway and we could purchase parking for $10,000. OMG I hate renting!

Gangnam Style: Home Edition
10/11/12 01:49 PM

I want to start to raise chickens in my backyard for food. These seem like an interesting variety. What is with everyone thinking that just because it's cute its a actual pet? doesn't anyone eat veal (which I don't) Lamb, rabbit or duck (love, love, love)? Also I wonder if the eggs for this breed are any good...

What's the Deal With Black Chickens?
7/25/12 10:32 PM

It is so easy, I do it all the time on my clay and wood sculptures. It's especially nice if your furniture needs some dimension!

How To Gild a Chair Fresh Home Ideas
7/2/12 04:34 PM

Fact: Animals live with us. Myth: Incorporating their needs into design is bad.
Seriously, they are at home more than we are, why not make their sleeping/washing/eating needs a priority when we don't think twice about doing that for guests? (I'm saying this as a non pet person, I hate scattered bowls, litter boxes etc) If you can afford to do it, it looks better and makes life easier in my (unasked for) opinion.

Modern Barkitecture:
Home Renovation for Dogs

7/2/12 02:50 PM

I wanna live in that one!!!

Sweet Pea: A Tiny Green Houseboat Jetson Green
6/26/12 02:33 PM

Way to many cooking utensils, I use about 4 or 5 and own 2 dozen. Face palm.
Why do I do this to myself!

12 Things You Probably Own Too Many Of
6/6/12 02:37 PM

you forgot the butter, dill and mushrooms! tee hee

All Afternoon or Less Than an Hour: Chicken Soup with Herb Dumplings
A recipe in two versions

10/31/11 02:35 PM


Soup for Supper: 25 Nourishing, Delicious Soups
10/31/11 01:44 PM

Umbra! Rocks! Try their website

Help Me Achieve Floating Shelves in This Nook?
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10/31/11 01:38 PM

I'm a smoker, half of my friends smoke, we would never consider lighting up indoors, anywhere! EWW! Remember going to the bar and coming home stinking like a ashtray? Or the burns on your arms or jackets?
As for getting drunk, I admit it, in my house I will down the wine likes its the last day of high school, and if I'm comfortable at someones home, and they are keeping up with me, hey why not, hangover movie Sundays!? Also, I'm 25, so that's probably why. AT post this again in 10 years ;')

Drunken Dinner Parties...Out of Fashion? | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/8/09 08:14 PM

lol, Ladymantel, I live in a old nun convent, so its creepy'ish', large, and has lots of pews and kneelers and weird old churchy stuff, I feel I need all those things to warm the place up, especially when the furnace gets going, spoooooky. Also kinda smells like old lady in the kitchen/bath, has since we moved in. Wish I didn't have to move...

What's Your Welcome Item? | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
11/26/09 08:52 PM

nearly everything! YAY Student life! not really tho, just my dining set, one couch, my desk, my car, my bookshelves, my coffee table.....sigh

Do You Have "Placeholder" Furniture? | Apartment Therapy DC
11/20/09 11:37 PM

A soy orange blossom candle in the bath, a fresh pot of coffee in the kitchen, febreze in the entry and wine/chocolate real and candle form in the dining/living rooms. Guest rooms it is always a soy cucumber candle. Wonderful lighting, fresh flowers and your set.

What's Your Welcome Item? | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
11/20/09 11:10 PM

lol, I think its great! Its a little Bauhaus inventive, very silly and so fun! why not have a little ingenious fun with travel?

Hot or Not? Suitcase Furniture by Erik De Nijs | Apartment Therapy New York
11/20/09 11:05 PM

something simple, streamlined and elegant, think foliage with some strong statement flowers. This is more gender neutral then specific, gotta say I agree with others, its not about the colour, most men enjoy a purple flower as much as a pink, which is usually not much! lol, kidding, (sorta)

Masculine Flower Arrangements: Is There Such A Thing, Really? | Apartment Therapy New York
11/20/09 10:53 PM

Hi, big fan of your apartment!
Just a thought, you mentioned that you didn't know what to do with your back splash, well what about square over sized or regular subway tiles, but stainless steel and painted black? My mom had this done to her appliances by a movie set artist, it looks luxe, warm and mod. Just a thought, though I think anything you come up with will blow that idea out of the water!

Richard Takes Downtown House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
11/18/09 11:41 PM

Holy smokes, people on at AT are very helpful!

I would suggest Hunter Douglas Silhouette window shadings

and Whole home ultra sunshield custom cut roller shades from Sears - of all places.
or for an eco fix - Hampton Bay corded solar shades from home depot.

Apartment Therapy New York | Window Treatments For This Modern House? Good Questions
10/28/09 02:43 PM