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This is nerdily delicious

The DIY Attic DD Gaming Room | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/10/10 06:00 AM

This reminds me how thankful I am that I now live with a man who sits. I do not miss the noise or the messes.

Also, those pictures are hilarious. They look elated to be peeing while kneeling!

Something You Never Knew You Didn't Need | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/12/10 07:39 PM

Beige jack-in-the-box apartment walls/floor/ceiling/appliances
(I gladly pay a little extra to rent a craftsman style house with wood floors and walls painted the colors of my choice)

Plaid couches...really that whole overdone country style with the wooden painted kids with rosy cheeks and 'clever' wooden painted signs.

"Diva" style. You know what I'm talking about. Zebra print, pink, feather boas, rhinestones, glitter, plastic crowns and tiaras. In an adult woman's room. I think I just hurked in my mouth a bit.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Your Biggest Design Pet Peeves Austin
8/15/09 01:05 AM

Never ever put an expensive rug in a dorm room. Especially if you have a roommate who likes to party and throw up. I learned that the hard way.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | 10 Ways To Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home
8/4/09 09:46 PM

Those clouds are truly hideous, if they were slightly more stylized or maybe more realistic instead of obvious sponge blobs, I'd work with them. As it stands, I can't blame you for wanting to get rid of them. I would just put up some fabric in that alcove so that the landlady can have her cloud 'mural' when you move out. Some sheers with a subtle stripe maybe?

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Question: Painting Over Clouds...With What?
7/14/09 12:44 PM