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Yes! I get them too, not on the ceiling, but little drips down the wall. They come off with soap and water, are kind of sticky and rust colored, very tiny. I do not think they're mold- we have a window, fan, and probably not nicotine, we don't smoke. We did just repaint---maybe chemicals oozing out? mystery! we just wipe them as they appear, but they keep coming back.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Bathroom Ceiling Zits?
11/8/07 04:54 PM

Oh man, I love the Rose Bowl Flea Market. If you've never been, you should at least go once, just to see it. It is one of my most favorite things in LA!

Skip the "swap meet" part that's around the edge of the bowl, it's mostly crap.

The antiques section is FUN! although I get overwhelmed by the vintage clothes booths (too much stuff!)

be advised:
bring sunscreen
bring water or other drinks (water & sodas are 4.00)
bring cash. they have ATMS but the ATM charges 5.00 to withdraw.

last month I went and I got
-awesome vintage table cloths & tea towels
-an old globe from the 60's
-plastic bird & dogwood (painted gold!) sculptural wall hangy things.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! such a fun adventure.

Apartment Therapy - Ready for the weekend? Ready for the Rose Bowl?
10/12/07 02:07 PM

depends on the timing of the stain really. My cat is notorious for peeing when mad. In the same spot. So, if I find a fresh pee spot I will blot up pee, pour on a bit of peroxide, let it soak a few minutes, and then blot up. Otherwise, for general cleaning purposes I dilute it with some hot water and maybe a few drops of dish soap which I use with a little carpet steamer I got at Target. Works better than the solution the vacuum/steamer company sells to accompany it, and the pet store variety urine cleaners.

Please note though, we have beige carpet. I would recommend a patch test before trying it on any carpet.

Apartment Therapy - The Wonders of Hydrogen Peroxide
9/17/07 09:34 PM

suggestions for the needlepoint in question:
-try more modern frame, particularly a wide one
-lose the mat, or mat with a funky or cool patterned paper, to add to the quirk factor and make it more decorative
-hang it somewhere interesting, in a grouping with other cool things

for hip needlepoint & crossstitch galore:

Sublime stitching sells great kits that are fun to do, from beginning to advanced. I've bought a few and had a good time with them. It is more needlepoint focused (instead of cross stitch) but fun nevertheless.

Apartment Therapy - Fitting In: Does Needlepoint Fit Into a Modern Home?
9/14/07 09:56 PM

hydrogen peroxide is also particularly good for removing pet urine discoloration and smell from light-colored carpet. I tried EVERYTHING and it was the best I found for overall performance. And much cheaper than all the commercial pet products they sell at pet stores.

Apartment Therapy - The Wonders of Hydrogen Peroxide
9/14/07 09:46 PM

I disagree, Holland. Rule #1 of housewarming is don't give a candle! Especially if you know your friends well enough, a gift like this is appropriate. I'm sure Jonathan knew whether or not his friends would enjoy this. If it's someone you don't know so well, then yes, another bottle of wine to stack with the other 8 they receive (boooring). And hey, if they don't like the charm, (gasp!) it's easily re-giftable, haha. :D

Dogeared is great, by the way. I've bought several of their Make-a-wish necklaces at Firefly in Venice (wishbone, the horseshoe, and the heart key)...always a great birthday or holiday gift. They are so tiny and pretty, and well-made to boot. I wear the horseshoe all the time!

Blessing this Home
7/23/07 09:05 PM

according to my august Domino Magazine I got in the mail yesterday (they have a whole page dedicated to decorating "mistakes"), 65% of interior decorators say "No!" to the karate chop.

Personally I think it looks weird and maybe your pillow needs a little more stuffing. Besides, who has time for that? Throw pillows get, well, thrown around! A pretty pillow should speak for itself. And amen to limited pillow population!

"Karate Chop" to your pillows?
7/18/07 10:59 PM