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The only Mochiko rice flour boxes I was able to find at various asian supermarkets come in 16 oz. sizes.

Is there any chance this was a typo, and you use all of the 16 oz. size (which seems to be standard) or just use 10 oz. of the amount from the box?


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11/18/09 03:15 PM

Well, now I know what to do with the full set of bow and arrows I inherited from my father. He got them from a native South American after shooting a documentary in the jungle in Colombia. I've got them stored in the garage!

I grew up with them on the wall, my father used to joke that they were to be used in case of emergencies only... like boys coming around for his daughters.

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9/30/09 04:25 PM

I found a similar ornate style of headboard, and simply raised it higher on the wall (mounting it with screws). Now the cool carved parts are high and look incredible, vs. lost against the bedding. Also, I turned the headboard around (it just worked better that way) so the carved bits were facing the wall. Now, it looks like a really expensive wood headboard. I think it is now my favorite thing in the house. All for $10!

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9/22/09 10:55 PM

I must be crazy, but I love having house guests. Admittedly, some are much better than others, but over all I really like when someone comes to visit.

We have a good set up for it - our bedrooms are on the top floor, and the guests have their own bedroom and bath downstairs so it's easy to get away and not be on top of each other. That said, I am always encouraging friends to come visit (I moved 5 hours away from my home town) for as long as they can, because otherwise I don't get any quality time with them. This way, I can cook and enjoy long dinners, have conversations, and get to catch up. This is something I don't get to do at all now that I have kids, so when I travel home it's virtually impossible to have any meaningful time with anyone I care about. Plus, I'm the kind that likes to fuss over people with food and little touches. I must be crazy!

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8/28/09 08:33 AM

I just saw two of these chairs up for sale on eBay tonight... take a look at:


Cheers and goodluck!

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7/13/09 11:59 PM