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whoa wicked bright colors! Really loved it all except the purple room. I think the problem with that room is that the bedspread was purple too and since the bed is the largest object in the room and it matches the wall, it makes the space more encroaching that it actually is. Still, love the place overall!

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12/1/11 04:05 PM

i have to disagree with the bottle of wine folks. Having hosted a few get togethers, it gets really old when all anybody ever brings is a bottle of wine and nine times out of ten it's red wine. I would appreciate something different. It doesn't have to be something just for me, it can be other items of food such as dessert items or appetizers. Just change it up once in awhile! There's only so much of the nine bottles of wine that can be drunk before someone has to drive home!

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11/10/11 10:07 PM

my mother works at a public school and the entire thing is drab and dark. everyone who works or attends the school as a student deserve better! I wouldn't want to go there day in and day out! This lounge looks great and cheerful!

A Teacher's Lounge Gets Schooled in Style
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8/28/11 11:29 AM

my mom has lit food on fire while it was in a toaster oven and she also melted a bit of the couch when she left a heating pad on it. Poor hubby once turned on an electric burner that had nothing on it (the pot was on a different one) and the handle of the pot was over it. Hubby then realized what he had done (10 minutes later) and then grabbed the handle that had become superheated and burned himself badly. :(

I Almost Burned Down The Kitchen When...
8/22/11 09:03 PM

yaaaaaaay slayer scythe!!!! awesome living room!

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8/16/11 07:08 PM

I have a modern vanity from west elm and while I love it, I do regret purchasing it since it has limited storage space for my beauty products. I should have looked for an older piece with more storage!

Once Ubiquitous Furnishings We've (Mostly) Left Behind
7/2/11 04:53 PM

not a fan. husband does like them though.

What Do You Think of Domed Chairs?
3/27/11 10:21 PM

2 queen sized pillows each for me and hubby and 1 euro pillow each for us, but we don't sleep on them. both of us find the size odd and place them on the floor. we use them when we're sitting up in the bed instead to watch tv during rainy days! or when one of us is home sick.

How Many Pillows Do You Sleep With?
3/27/11 10:09 PM

I agree with Chanmeleon. My cats would quickly learn some bad habits. I live in fear of my cats knocking something over. They tend to stay off non sofa furniture most of the time. Although we know they get up on it when we're not home and occasionally they will become bold and leap up when we are around and someone will yell "you're the reason we can't have nice things!!" at them until they get down. :)

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2/28/11 04:59 PM

a nice hearty type of bagel

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2/17/11 07:41 PM

Where is your fabulous dresser from? I've been looking for a replacement for a dresser from ikea that's not doing so well after a couple of moves. Definitely looking for something that I will never replace like what you have!

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1/30/11 09:39 PM

i feel very "meh" towards this house call. also can we please do something about the comment spam? how do we end this?

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1/13/11 09:09 PM

where are the cereal dispensers from?

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1/10/11 09:54 PM

need to buy a flip fold. have been obsessed since I saw Sheldon on big bang theory with it.

The Japanese T-Shirt Folding Technique
1/9/11 04:16 PM

Well I like it! Between my shoes and my husbands dress shoes we have too many to keep in a small rack and we have extremely limited closet space. I like how the spaces is outlined! Very nice!

No Closet? No Problem! Storing Shoes Out In The Open
12/9/10 08:15 PM

I think that fish is a shreve crump and low gurgling cod. I have a smaller one.

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12/7/10 09:52 PM

Want to see more!

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12/7/10 09:31 PM

I don't care that is features ikea furniture although I have had both very good and very very poor experiences with ikea. But I do love the idea of changing accessories to change the mood of the room. It's something that i picked up from my mother. Changing pillows, throws, curtains, bedding, and other items to change the room without having to change furniture. She of course made a lot of the items herself so the cost of having these items was low.

Before & After(s): 1 Bedroom, 5 Different IKEA Makeovers
12/4/10 08:12 PM

loved the bedroom! I'm not a fan of the color brown for decor, but your room really works! I also cracked up at the therapist art!

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11/29/10 06:43 PM

agh!!! I have dried figs. Really wish I hadn't read this!

Strange Symbiosis: The Fig and the Wasp
9/17/10 09:14 PM