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Great idea! But at $48 per frame, this could be a DIY instead.

Recycling Made Easy Good Finds | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/9/10 02:56 PM

Most people who show surprise here are obviously from middle-class North America. Don't forget that IKEA is international. The middle-class in a developing country only earn less than 1/4 what we do here, but IKEA is priced the same. So in a country like China, IKEA is very much considered young, hip, and a status symbol. High-quality local furniture are cheaper than IKEA there.

Apartment Therapy New York | IKEA as Status Symbol?
9/23/09 02:17 PM

Very nice, I love that computer desk! Their stuff is frightfully expensive though - a single photo frame is $245, furniture prices aren't even listed. We should go into the scrap yards ourselves.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Furniture Made of Old Airplanes and Fighter Jets
7/13/09 10:55 PM

I guess only people like me who always set watches ahead would get this! LOL. I love the clock, but trying to be on time with the method is futile for me.

Apartment Therapy Boston | On-Time Clock by Fabrica
7/13/09 10:44 PM

I don't get it - why does this give the illusion of having 3 more minutes of the weekend?
Isn't the clock called "on time" because it is pointing 3 minutes ahead of the real time, much like how many of us set our watches a few minutes ahead because we hope with this buffer we won't be late?

Apartment Therapy Boston | On-Time Clock by Fabrica
7/13/09 01:40 PM