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3/26/14 09:48 AM

Some dishwashers (like mine) specify that you should *not* rinse food particles off beforehand, to protect your dishware. Ours also specifies powder instead of gel detergent. I was very surprised by both directives, but now it's working great! I'd recommend looking up your model's manual online to make sure you're using the right methods.

10 Tips to Help the Dishwasher Run Better Cleaning Tips from The Kitchn
2/24/14 10:03 AM

We are sorry if any readers felt that the title or description of the survey were at all misleading. We have been partnering with Furniture Today - an editorial publication - for many years, and this is one of many surveys we've run with them. We do not sell this information, and we will share it with you as soon as we've gathered it all. Last time, we created this nifty infographic using your responses. Our goal is always to serve you the best and most relevant content for you, and surveys are one way we try to accomplish that.
Thanks for understanding!

Reader Survey:
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1/17/14 01:24 PM

Yes, the Apartment Therapy Team got to vote in these early rounds - we were amazed at how controversial the choices were! In a couple weeks, though, readers will have the final say in deciding the 'top design icon.' We hope it's fun to watch the videos and get a little more familiar with some of our favorite designs of all time!

Innovators & Icons of Design: Round Two Presented by Dyson
12/7/13 06:12 PM

Such a good point, @mdorothy - patterns do often look wonky in photos, so solid colors are a safer bet!

5 Tips for Styling
Your Holiday Photo at Home Cardstore

11/26/13 04:32 PM

Thanks for the feedback, @Holey - we've added our sources!

The Nokia Dream Dorm Room Reveal! Nokia Lumia 925
11/14/13 02:01 PM

Hi @lynnd - The form should appear when you're signed in - it's simply your first and last name and email address; please contact if you still do not see it.

And @uninvitedguest - The link is working now, thanks for the feedback!

Good luck to all!

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9/24/13 12:13 PM

Hi @angelinethebaker!

Here's what Wilsonart told us:

All Wilsonart patterns meet or exceed the industry standard for wear resistance. The Mosaic pattern with the shiny “Gloss” finish is manufactured with the AEON™ enhanced scratch resistance, which gives it 3-times the wear resistance and 4-times the scuff resistance compared to standard laminate. AEON also makes Wilsonart Laminate look better longer, making it suitable for your kitchen or utility needs. Like with most countertop products, scratches on dark, glossy colors are more visually noticeable than on light colors or lower sheen finishes.

We hope that answers your question!

Why Laminate? Wilsonart Wednesday
9/12/13 06:19 PM

Hi @The Triumphant Fox,
Our friends at Wilsonart wanted to offer this response:

There are many reputable online comparison buying guides for kitchen countertops. They tend to compare all surfacing products. Typically, you’ll see materials referenced vs. brands. Recently, Consumer Reports cited laminates as having multiple advantages: “the counters are easy to maintain and in Consumer Reports' tests of 14 materials, laminate resisted stains, heat, and impact almost as well as materials that cost much more. And they come in a wide variety of colors and designs.” The price is right for laminate – approximately 1/3 less than granite or other natural stones. The magazine also cited laminate as “practical – unlike pricier materials, laminate can be replaced at a fraction of the cost.” Examples of laminate designs are available on The designer, contractor or fabricator you work with can also order samples for you to see and feel. Laminate countertops offer a great supporting role to other materials in the kitchen such as cabinets, appliances, and backsplashes. Combined together, all materials offer maximum resale value.

Wilsonart has run additional tests on its own laminate to combat concerns about scratching. You can see those results here.

Why Laminate? Wilsonart Wednesday
9/12/13 06:14 PM

Hi readers,

We asked our friends at Homeware if people can enter without going through Facebook, and they said you absolutely can! Just go to the contest page and skip straight to the email step.

Good luck!

Meet Homeware And Enter To Win Your Favorite Chair Homeware
9/12/13 02:49 PM

Good question, @Amando! We asked our friends at Crate and Barrel to tell us more about that metal tray. It is actually an open hand which is an ancient symbol bringing happiness, protection and luck! Quite the opposite of a frowny face :)

Paola Navone Collection Launches Today Exclusively at Crate and Barrel
9/9/13 04:44 PM

To enter the giveaway, you must be registered and signed in to the Apartment Therapy Community. If you are still having trouble entering, please send us an email at and let us know what's going wrong, and please include your browser type. Thanks, and good luck!

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8/23/13 06:02 PM

Hi @angelinethebaker, We will make sure your question gets to Wilsonart and will get back to you with an answer! Thanks!

Why Laminate? Wilsonart Wednesday
8/16/13 12:08 PM

Hi @oceandreamer56 - That's actually the Alpine White bed from CB2! And @Annie TwoBraids, the duvet cover is from DwellStudio.

Before & After: Bonnie's \"Hers to Theirs\" Bold Bedroom Glidden® Paint's Boldest Before & Afters
7/25/13 03:59 PM

This is a great question, m_j_s - we will ask the kitchen experts at Wilsonart and include their answer in our next Wilsonart Wednesday. Stay tuned.

How Much Space Should I Plan For a Kitchen? Wilsonart Wednesday
7/18/13 03:02 PM

HI @Magoo1, We asked Wilsonart about your questions. Most of the new large-scale laminate introductions have an approx. design repeat of 43-inches wide by 60-inches long. You can view the full-sheet for Wilsonart's designs on their website. Older designs have smaller scale patterns and are designed to disguise any repeat. It's always a good idea to order a sample - you can often find larger samples online. As for performance, look for options like Wilsonart's AEON Enhanced Performance Technology that improves scratch, scuff and mar up to 5x over traditional laminates. And heat resistance - laminate is pretty tough, but you don't want to be putting your hot pans down on any new countertop!

Counter Culture Sustainable Countertop Design from Wilsonart
6/14/13 04:56 PM

Hi @nancy301, We checked in with Wilsonart, and turns out you can definitely undermount a sink with laminate! Wilsonart has developed a line of Integrated Sinks for this very purpose. The beauty of these sinks is that there's no lip to trap dirt and moisture. They have also developed a new installation system, including adhesives that ensure a strong bond between the laminate and sink, creating an integrated countertop that won't absorb water.

Counter Culture Sustainable Countertop Design from Wilsonart
6/14/13 04:55 PM

Hi Maureen,
Yes, you would have to be on camera - that's part of the fun! We don't have a deadline per se, but we are hoping to find our participants in the next few days, so as soon as possible!
Hope to hear from you!

Live in New York and Looking for Color? Let Us Help! ENTER OUR COLOR MAKEOVER!
5/9/13 12:04 PM

Hi @rocklikerambo, we contact the winner via email after the contest period is over. Keep an eye on your inbox! (And your spam filter!) Good luck.

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4/15/13 09:43 AM

The form is back in action! We apologize for the glitch.
Thanks so much for letting us know.
Good luck!

Win: Keurig Vue® V700 Brewer! Thursday Giveaway
4/11/13 10:53 AM