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My favorite ever!! I love it. That dresser in the master - I died a little when I saw it.

I too have the dog on the furniture problem. That photo made me laugh out loud.

I really loved the artwork as well - loved your mix of styles.

Really lovely!!!

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2/12/11 12:19 PM

Very lovely home.

It always amazes me the reaction people have to a simple poster. What are people supposed to do, change their style and decor just because a few AT readers find something is overdone? If we all were followers and removed something from a wall just because it is now "too mainstream" that would be silly.

If you choose to add something to your home, clearly you enjoy it. You shouldnt have to remove it or feel embarrassed just because others have moved on to the next trend. Maybe those people should have a little more conviction and stay with what they like instead of looking for the next emerging thing. Just a thought.

I love love the WC door. Think that is great.

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3/28/10 02:00 PM

love love love it...and your dog!!!

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7/18/09 02:15 PM