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Irresistibly Cozy Bedrooms From Small Cool 2010 | Apartment Therapy DC
4/26/10 05:35 PM

what happened to AT??
they feature so many bad places these days. and those rooms.. apart from no. 6, and probably the first.. the rest are horrible, not only that, but whoever too the photos was obviously Blind!!! bad cropping and arrangement. AT talks about thier tips to good shots, but they post lousy ones themselves!

Irresistibly Cozy Bedrooms From Small Cool 2010 | Apartment Therapy DC
4/26/10 05:34 PM

Momlovesmod... She has a boyfriend, for godsake!!!

Making it Work: Creating an Entryway in a Studio | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/11/10 09:33 PM

Beautiful b/w rug!! and pics 4 and 5 are great!
I recognized the A3 bag from Tate :-) I have the same, it's Great!

Dana's Yellowtrace Sydney Apartment House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/11/10 09:02 PM

Simply Beautiful, Beautifully Simple.
Enjoy the work you have done!
Love the wallpaper and the prints.

Mel Dave's Industrial Chic Loft House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/2/10 06:33 PM

The 3rd picture is awesome. Kitchen is nice if it gets LoTS of sunlight. I think I can brag a little and say I have the same floors, and similar palette :->

211 Elizabeth Street by Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors | Apartment Therapy New York
4/2/10 05:51 PM

sorry for the amount of negative comments lately.. I'm just hoping for an inspiring house tour. has been a while since I saw something truly beautiful and reflecting the touch of the owners, without trying too hard, not copying magazine pictures without soul.

Juhi, Jayant and Aksh's Beautiful Bangalore House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/28/10 08:36 PM

I think I'm the only- or one of very few people who Doesn't Like this at all!!!
I would hesitate before writing a negative comment, it's like visiting someone and telling them negative things about their place, of which they are so proud. But.. I just decided to say it... I don't like most of the items here. Those round carpets are Bad Taste.
Mike 1234: I think the only flag I wouldn't mind seeing is Jasper John's.
Don't count me in for the tour.

Sonia Mike's "Quaint Cozy" LoftHouse Call | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/28/10 03:53 PM

Bex, so what kind of sickness are you suffering?

I don't know, something is missing in this place. I LOVE the bathroom, really, and I love the orange Sofa. The rest.. not much. It's lacking elegance and some touch that is not there. The kitchen units are not for me.. that plastic ugly trash bin has to disappear. why is it exhibited like it was a beautiful object? something about the colors together are not fitting, I wish there were more textures, dark wood, nicer elements. But that's only mu humble opinion.
Again, that Bathroom is one of the most beautiful 'retro' bathrooms I have seen -in spite of the Keep Calm poster :-)

Todd and J.R.'s Printer's Row PassagesHouse Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/26/10 09:10 PM

the pic on the top right is not in NYC, it is in Germany!!!!!!

Apartment Therapy New York | Four NYC Homes in Three Boroughs New York Hot Posts
7/12/09 04:03 PM