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@LyonStill, last summer when we did this project, I knew I had to accept that she was no longer little because she got her yearbook and declared that next year, she wanted to look cool instead of cute. Then she packed away all of her dolls. But the nail on the coffin was when she made (and achieved) a goal to read the entire Harry Potter series over the summer! Hopefully the room will keep up with her!!

A Purple Bedroom Fit for a Tween My Room
5/6/13 11:56 AM

Thanks, it came together well -- in spite of me having no say in the shade of paint!!

A Purple Bedroom Fit for a Tween My Room
5/5/13 12:20 AM

Adding, when I painted my tiles, the rough grout still looked like grout even though I used a shiny paint.

Color Suggestions for Travertine Tiled Bath? Good Questions
10/12/12 04:02 PM

Have you thought about painting the tiles? I painted the tile backsplash in my kitchen with a white enamel spray paint. It turned out great, and it even solved the grout problem (the problem being the porous nature of grout -- gross!) I would suggest you paint the bath surround white, which would make the floor more of an accent color rather than the dominant color, and you could bring a wider range of tones to the walls and the cabinetry. White tiles... dark brown cabinetry... very very pale blue/gray walls... white fluffy towels... it could work!

Color Suggestions for Travertine Tiled Bath? Good Questions
10/12/12 04:00 PM

I really like this. Well done!!

Mina's "Sassy Green" Room Room for Color Contest
10/11/12 05:52 PM

Ooh, that silkscreen print would work perfectly in my daughter's room!

Purple Prints & Fabric: Marimekko, Overdyed Rug & Floral Wallpaper The Monday AFTERNOON Scavenger
10/8/12 12:53 PM

Thanks! My daughter is so excited that her room was selected to be shown! You can find more details about her space here:

Katie's "Purple Toned Grays" Room Room for Color Contest
10/5/12 08:32 AM

Love the pops of yellow!

Janelle's "Tropics" Room Room for Color Contest
10/4/12 08:11 PM

Thanks, Jessica! The desk is a hand-me-down that we painted to match the room. I wish I could better help you source something like it!

Katie's "Purple Toned Grays" Room Room for Color Contest
10/4/12 08:07 PM

Oooh, baby toes!! :D (Sorry, I couldn't help myself.)

As for the room, I wholeheartedly agree on the color choice. We get all of these toys and gadgets covered head to toe in contrasts and colors, and we wonder why our babies are over-stimulated come bed time! Peaceful and soothing is the way I go in the nursery, too. We used saturated blues in ours, as well:

At least, that's what it looked like in the old house. We have yet to do the new nursery -- but thank you for this post, and some inspiration!

Dana's "Sweet Navy" Room Room for Color Contest
10/3/12 04:17 PM

Very well done, but I could never get away with so few cabinets! The green wall works well with the whites and browns in the painting.

Kelly's "Boathouse Vintage" Kitchen Room for Color Contest
10/2/12 09:29 PM

Thanks, you can "favorite" the room by clicking on the red box at the bottom of the post without it showing up on Facebook. That button may have been down for a while, hence the confusion. But it's working now.

Katie's "Purple Toned Grays" Room Room for Color Contest
10/2/12 08:17 PM

I love the complexities of gray!

Katie's "Purple Toned Grays" Room Room for Color Contest
10/1/12 07:41 PM

They look great in photos... just not tolerable IRL!

Exposed Bulb Lamps: Yay or Nay?
10/1/12 04:14 PM

Very nice! It caught my eye because I used a wallpaper from Lowe's in my entertainment center that has that same pattern. Same gray walls, too. :)"

Create a Custom Graphic Window Film
Seventh House On The Left

9/26/12 02:47 PM

Adding, I'm also not a fan of the furniture all lined up along the wall, paired with a blank wall.

Aldo Tornaghi & Ab Oosterwaal - Booth #30 Design Showcase 2012
9/26/12 01:40 PM

Awesome bookshelf, BUT, that design would damage the spine of the books over time.

Aldo Tornaghi & Ab Oosterwaal - Booth #30 Design Showcase 2012
9/26/12 01:26 PM

That's the aesthetic side of Paris. Why can't the common concept of what Paris looks like be as appealing? The previous owners of the house we bought last year tried to bring a little Paris to the house. Think muted yellows and Eiffel Tower wallpaper, as seen in our daughter's room makeover. Your Paris is much more attractive!

Paint Inspiration: Paris
9/20/12 11:58 AM

I put my 4 year old in kindergarten, in spite of INTENSE pressure to hold him back (I wrote a lot about it on my blog, if you want the full story:)

The kindergarten dilemma

There will be studies to back either side. The study I read most recently says that the students that progress the most are those who have older classmates to model better behavior and help the younger kids learn more difficult subjects. So, in many ways, I gave my kindergartner the best classroom setting possible because many of the kids were redshirted and provided a more mature learning environment for him.

There were many reasons I decided to allow him to start Kindergarten at 4. His age didn't have much to do with it. It was his skill level that ultimately made me decide to do it. He could already read most of the site words and met much of the goals for the year. Holding him back would have made him very bored. Instead, he was challenged, had a great year, and is doing fine among his sometimes older peers.

Back to School Considerations: Redshirting
8/24/12 11:23 AM

Great tips! I've been working on decorating our house and documenting it on my blog. I can see the progression in the quality of the photos as each room is completed and documented. Just taking lots and lots of pictures will help someone (me) improve over time, as will having a nice camera!! The quality of my pictures improved dramatically when we got the nicer DSLR.

Get Smart: 10 Ways to Guarantee Better Photos of Your Favorite Rooms
7/12/12 02:18 PM