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Hello ladies, from a guys point of view. i am currently staying in a temp home while having medical treatment. i had to leave my money home for my 7yo to have food n needs met. While down here I brought with me a basic stock of Peanut Butter, canned soups from aldi like creams of this n that and canned veggies. canned tuna, and salad dressing.
A lady said the writer was off her rocker cause she said not everyone has time to cook. Well try this on for size. You take 10 min to order and pick up food at a drive thru or longer going inside.
ME: I took last night a can of green beans dumped cream of mushroom over it and nuked it for 3 min. I then took it out (only me) put crumbled up crackers on top and had that for dinner. I loved it cause it was a version of the green beans with fried onions or ? on top. I have made in ONE BOWL a serving of rice, poured cream of soup on and crackers and ate it washed the bowl and was done. Very filling and didn't miss the meat. I also have one more quickie Aldis was cheapest but you can by cheap salad in a bag aldis is $.89 and chop of a piece of chicken breast you could actually cook in micro. put on top and pour dressing on wala a 5.00 + chicken salad from Mc'ds. I will be honest and say I haven't bought much meat while here. i dont want to cook it for just me. But I am all about simple and quick. When I am home i catch meat on sale stock up what i can and do roast in crock pot. Then left overs I will put in a bbq sauce and reuse for sandwhiches. I do all most all the cooking at home and its fun and doesn;t take a whole lot of time now matter how much you work. Nothing like a home cooked meal no matter how simple.

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I admit, I like no LOVE a lot of things in my life. With that said I live on a watered down beer budget. I love Goodwill for example 1st Sat of ea month is 50% off day. I went this past wknd and purchased SEVERAL pieces of clothing for the 4 ppl in my family. I paid walking out $34 and some change. I figured that would have been 2 pair of new jeans or a few clearance items at a new retail store. I also scope out things I don't need but due to limited budge and all I carry around the items n think on it before paying. Also if you donate to Good Will they will give you an option of a 20% discount on next purchase or a tax statement. I usually go for the discount.

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Spooner if you are remotely interested in sewing you should check out goodwill or similar for used sewing machines. I see them a lot for less than $20.00. i actually bought mine from goodwill n love it for my needs.

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I will try to be brief. First short history. My dad was disabled when I was a kid. He spent a ton of time buying and selling for yard sales and flea markets to make extra cash. I don't ever remember him "sharing profits" but it was my job to help him during the weekend. We also bought and sold produce for the same reason. When I got older he would leave me unattended to sell while he did his errands etc. Then I do remember him sharing profits of my business while he was gone. He was a great bank btw..lol give him money to hold and it was like a one way window..lol BUT today I have a 20yo daughter who had everything given to her. She has no concept of money. She is wanting a tattoo (her mothers not liking it) but her car is needing repairs, phone paid, etc.
So with my 7 year old I recently started an allowance deal. He gets a dollar per year (a week) meaning right now I give him 7.00 week. he cant get much for that but I will always add to if its a worthy cause. We are doing a yard sale and I intend to give him his proceeds EXCEPT I will monitor how he spends it teaching the value of money.
I learn the hard way with my daughter no allowance and forking over money is not the way to go. She wasn't spoiled but very well taken care of.
Hope this gives others some thought.

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