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Very nicely done. Homey & cheerful. Love the rug in the LR & I love your childrens room.

Lilly's Family Home in Greenwich Village
House Call

3/16/11 06:06 PM

Not really. I have tryed to ban the TV, the computer and the PSP; no luck. The dog we try to discourage her from getting in bed with us but she just waits until we are asleep and then joins us anyway. I don't like food eaten on my bed; hate crumbs!

What Isn't Allowed In Your Bedroom?
3/16/11 05:45 PM

Depends on the size of the room. In this case; yes very much!

Do You Like Bookcases in the Bedroom?
3/16/11 05:42 PM

Wow...lots of comments!! I have seen this concept before on here and during one of my "must re-arrange the living room" moments I threw out my boring entertainment center & put our tv in our non-working fireplace.

It is a bit low but not to the point where it is uncomfortable to watch. The only problem is nothing can be anywhere near it or it blocks the screen; had to re-arrange my couch because when I laid on it & tried to watch tv the corner cut off part of the screen.

TV fit perfectly & our guests think it's funny when they see it...I'll leave it for a while but don't think I want to keep it there long term.

How To: Hide Your TV Monitor with Style
12/1/10 01:32 AM

Clean up time usually makes people flee. Although one time we had this great party & when we went to bed there were still a few people sitting around the fire pit trying to kill the last of the beer and when I got up to make breakfast they were all still there!! It was cool..everyone from the night before came back for breakfast so the party just picked right back up...Good Times.

When is the Party Over?
11/29/10 10:11 PM

I love round tables; they create such an intimate dining experience for everyone at the table.

Round Tables for Entertaining
11/27/10 01:06 AM

I bought my fridge when my oldest daughter was 2....she turned 24 last month!! Seriously in need of a new fridge!!
Thanks for the opportunity!!

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Holiday Giveaway 2010

11/22/10 01:36 PM

Right on Nordstroms!! I hate that Thanksgiving always gets overlooked in most of the stores.

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11/20/09 01:29 PM

I love to buy tasteful, but fun, magnets for my refrigerator from places I travel to plus whenever family members go places and ask me what I want I always tell them a magnet which is easy to find and inexpensive for them.

But my favorite souvenirs are Christmas ornaments. I have several from places we have been and every year when we decorate the tree it's always so much fun to reminisce about where they came from and how much fun that trip was....

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Best Souvenirs To Display In The Home
7/9/09 12:06 AM