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Surprised that the style that became a phenomenon wasn't mentioned, as it swept the design world at some level. Shabby Chic. White chipped furniture, casual comfort, soft pinks and greens, cottage style, china. I painted every piece of furniture white, took me years to recover from that.... Rachel Ashwell recently celebrated 25 years, doesn't that put her in the 90s?

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2/12/14 01:15 PM

What a lovely home. Would that we could all afford a multi-million dollar beauty like this!!
Decorated nicely. Glad you kept the bathrooms original tile instead of the standard demo for granite approach.

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1/14/14 03:06 PM

I turned my low Malm into a beautiful tall upholstered bed with paint and fabric. I believe this is a true change of a mediocre piece to fabulous.


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