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Another perspective is always refreshing!

Our bath is 5'x7', but since it is a jack and jill - it has two doorways taking up valuable space.
Our countertop, total surface area, will be 15" deep by about 31" wide.
The sink is a square vessel, 13.5" deep, by about 12" wide....usable basin size of about 10"x11"...think slightly larger than a piece of paper.....

We gain about 9" of counterspace on each side....places to set soapdish, hairdryer, makeup, and whatnot....

Love look of the sink, the proportions are right, and it does what we need it to do. That, and I have committed to wiping up my splashes ;)

It still just LOOKS so...small...

Benefits of a Large Bathroom Sink? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/2/10 12:21 AM

When I'm undecided, I prefer to live in the space for a while and see what comes up. You'll get time to sit in the room and get a feel for it, especially important when you move into a new house (in my opinion anyway).

With that said,however, this is a nice color (ALOE)...combined with olive, orange, and the warmth of wood:

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7/6/09 04:41 PM