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Thanks, everyone, for the great advice! I think I will try to go with the 'kitch' of the piece instead of trying to hide it. The current plan is to paint the entire room bright white, and paper over those shelves with some green-on-white toile wallpaper. I think sticking with 'French country' will help us just go with the flow of the room and its cabinet :)

I might remove a couple of cabinet doors as per one reader's suggestion and put in some cute document boxes, guest towels, etc... I think the rest of the hardware on the cabinet will be switched out just as soon as we paint. I think painting will be my middle name this summer. Virtually every room in this house features a similarly, ahem, interesting selection of colors.

How to Deal with "Hideous" Built In Cabinet? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/4/10 08:04 PM

I live in the top floor of a 100-year old apartment building, and I'm in love with the claw-foot tub, antique washbasin farm sink, stained glass, crown molding, and original wood floors. Less amazing are old pipes that result in poor water pressure for our building (we rent).
I'm in love with the look and colors of your home! Mine is organized around a similar color theme, with some accent walls painted a deep not-quite black, and a lot of mahogany wood furniture. Would you be willing to share the name and brand of the gray paint you used on the walls? It's a beautiful shade.

Love is in the Details | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/11/10 01:12 PM

I repainted my apartment's dusky blue kitchen floors white when I moved in, and I've had a mixed experience. They are quite high-maintenance, especially if you've got dogs (I have 2 huskies) or plan on whiting out a high-traffic, high-mess area like a kitchen. That said, with a fresh coat of paint every spring and a 5-minute once-daily sweep and mop with a little vinegar and water, they look fantastic. there's no question I'd have stuck with natural wood if stripping had been an option, but the paint job was a simple solution for me to an ugly shade of painted blue floor.

The Truth About White Floors | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/27/10 09:28 PM

What a lovely house tour! Although some of the style choices are real departures from my own taste, the vintage-chic nature of the decor comes across as beautifully retro and convey a real feeling of 'home.' I especially loved the child's bedroom!

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Emigrating to Staten Island New York
7/8/09 12:16 PM


the quality of a dog's life isn't measured according to the square footage of the apartment it sleeps in or the yard where it spends its days. i rescued my husky from a hellish life chained up in a farmer's yard where he was starved and forced to live through 3 freezing Canadian winters outdoors. i give him daily runs, nourishing food, vet attention when he needs it, daily companionship because i work from home, and yes, a small living space in an urban environment. like the dog pictured here, he seems perfectly happy. if you've ever been to nyc you'll know that the dogs there are among the most fawned-over, and the most well taken care of. i think your sanctimony is better reserved for those who actually abuse and neglect their pets.

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Jay's Chelsea Renovation New York
7/7/09 02:45 PM

Wow! Gorgeous, not too cluttered, but not too sparse either. I especially loved your pair of red leather armchairs, which have that exquisitely well-loved vintage patina. As a former Chelsea resident who also has a husky, I have a question: how do you manage to keep your white floors clean in the wake of neighborhood dog-walks? I used to get crazy pawprints all over my wood floor, and it wasn't even painted...

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Jay's Chelsea Renovation New York
7/6/09 02:18 PM