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Don't mess around with all that....simply smear ketchup on the copper and wipe. Voila.

How To Eco-Polish Your Copper Pots With Flour & Vinegar
11/3/10 06:17 PM

I refinished my kitchen within the last year. I had no choice but IKEA due to cost. Does my kitchen look IKEA, yes. Do I care, no. I was able to splurge on John Boos butcherblock countertops (from downstate illinois) and grantite countertops. Even with the splurge, the project came in far less than if I were to use another clean line cabinet design because there is NO MIDRANGE SIMPLE DESIGN option out there in the cabinet world. What improved my kitchen more than anything? Improved lighting. Oh yeah, and get your own hardware.

Pictures at http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=125113&id=583442316

Should I Use IKEA Cabinets in My Kitchen? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
1/26/10 12:28 PM

Why does anyone have a shower for a wedding or baby? It's antiquated and boring and I can think of 1000 ways to better honor a new mother. For example, how about a night of free babysitting? Not only do you have to suffer through mind numbing conversation and are forced to display false enthusiasm, you have to pay for it! Come on, ladies, let's move on. Why do we like to torture ourselves?

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | When Baby Showers Go Wrong
5/5/09 08:54 PM

I LOVE this series...definitely worth watching. Everyone I've recommended this film to loves it.

Apartment Therapy New York | Inspiration in Italian Cinema: The Best of Youth
3/23/09 08:56 PM

I like, too...as a born Skokie-ite, I can tell you, this is pretty accurate!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Latest Work by Ryan Kapp
11/25/08 09:35 PM

Can you tell me where you picked up your dining room table? Thanks!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Inspiration: Combining Vintage and Modern
8/14/08 06:03 PM

When you have salt and pepper shakers, one with one-hole and the other with multiple holes, which goes in which?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Open Thread: 102
3/19/08 07:28 AM

I LOVE this space. LOVE LOVE LOVE. And I love the Lucky Horseshoe -- especially the house salad.

Apartment Therapy New York | AT Europe: Paris - Chez Debra
1/28/08 02:26 PM

je l'adore.

Apartment Therapy New York | AT Europe: Paris - Chez Ed#comments#comments
1/23/08 05:28 PM

I just finished a similar project...all I've got to say is -- NEVER AGAIN. This is the last life for my 1930's, heavily carved dining table and chairs. I hope they're enjoying being camel/yellow. Of course the change in table/chairs led to a change in wall color and a change in rug. Like tugging at a loose yarn...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Elizabeth's Project: Dining Room Set Redo #2#comments#comments
1/22/08 04:07 PM

Remarkable! I love, LOVE your bathroom.

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Tom's Sequel to his Prequel#comments#comments
1/16/08 04:55 PM

If you make your own crust (link), don't use as much butter/water as called for and cover your edges with foil from the start to avoid burning.

Apartment Therapy - Recipe: Ginger Pumpkin Pie with Graham Cracker Crust
11/22/07 05:04 AM

Warning! I tried to use Home Depot to install an entry door. After many weeks of back and forth, it turns out they will not install doors above the third floor unless they are HURRICANE proof--yes, that's right, hurricane-proof in Chicago. Since manufacturers won't vouch for that product type in the midwest, the contractor won't install...Don't even think about wasting your time.

Apartment Therapy - Open Thread 83
11/6/07 02:44 PM

What color is your living room yellow?

Apartment Therapy - #10 Planetsusanna's Golden Cottage
10/15/07 07:20 PM

I love this entry. Clean and modern, but lived in. Reminds me of Olso.

Apartment Therapy - #12 - TGS's Rush of Happy Color
10/13/07 10:16 AM

Doing all that you've done with less than $200 is impressive. Goes to show that vision isn't limited by dollars. This place has a great vibe. It conveys a sense of home. It's far more appealing to me that the high design spaces in this contest.

Apartment Therapy - #16 - Emily G Goes Nuts
10/13/07 10:11 AM

Check out Chicago Interiors at 773-317-4868. You can see some of her work when clicking on my name...she didn't assist on the palette here, but offers that service as well.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Painter Recommendations?
10/3/07 07:24 PM

I want to replace my back door, including the transom. Anyone have recommendations on a reputable door company?

Open Thread 70
8/7/07 09:15 AM

Go to http://www.familysecuritydoor.com/

They have many more styles than what's posted on the site. VERY professional reps who are very prompt.

I got one that looks like a french door.

I searched and searched -- would have loved to get a super expensive art deco style, but alas, i'm on a budget.

They're still not cheap, but worth the price. I leave my actual door open from April through September whether home or not. Feel entirely secure with the deadbolt locked.

Good Questions: Where to Find Security Storm Doors in the City?
7/17/07 04:57 PM