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A good selection to buy online is available from www.pips-trip.co.uk

Apartment Therapy New York | Bitossi Rimini Blue Ceramics
1/5/08 09:08 AM

I absolutely adore this style of architecture and would buy one like a shot - sadly, in England and the part of London I live in, there is very little architecture like this - mostly Victorian terraces and a lot of between the wars semi-detached. The very few MCM architect designed houses around here are way out of my league - the absolute cheapest I've found so far was £800,000 ($1.6m) ...

A Peek Inside...Some Mod Real Estate#comments#comments
7/28/07 01:05 PM

I think this is a very stylish room however it's been decorated for the parents and not the child. Babies don't stay babies for long and they deserve a friendly, warm and age-appropriate bedroom which I don't think this room is at all (and there's no need to go down the route of wishy-washy pastels or lairy primary colours either in order to do it). I just think this couple have taken it a little too far but, if they're happy with it then who's to say it's wrong - I just wouldn't use this approach for my child's room.

Look! Affordable Modern Nursery
7/21/07 07:42 AM

susiequeue's correct - this is a damask not a toile - if you google 'damask shower curtain' there's quite a few choices although I didn't see a black and white one in the first few sites I clicked but some very similar coloured ones.

Good Questions: Shower Curtains in this Great Chunky Pattern?
7/20/07 11:01 AM

I think these films are a great idea - much more temporary than the other way of achieving virtually the same effect by permanently etching the glass yet just as stylish.

Adhesive Window Film by Emma Jeffs
7/20/07 09:09 AM

I've seen a beautiful (and incredibly expensive) Designer's Guild fabric I'd like to use for the curtains in my daughter's room which are floor to ceiling jobbies and would be prohibitively expensive. On a programme here on English TV one of the designers bought some really inexpensive dust sheets (for covering furniture when decorating) which were a nice beigey/parchment sort of coloured coloured cotton and edged them (around 6 to 8 inches around each side) with the expensive fabric. They looked really good and cost a fraction of what it would have cost to have used the accent fabric allover. In fact, I think they looked better than if she'd splurged and used the expensive fabric only which may have been a bit much.

Good Questions: Nursery Draperies
7/20/07 06:17 AM

If it's a temporary solution you could just paper over the ceiling to hide the cracks - either in a plain white to give the appearance of a newly plastered ceiling or, alternatively, in a patterned paper to make a bit of a statement. If you're intending to do the kitchen from scratch in a year or two avoid doing anything to the ceiling that's going to be a pain to remove later on.

Open Thread 381
7/20/07 06:08 AM

Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing this wonderful talent to our attention - I've been looking for textiles exactly like this for a specific project I'm working on - I need look no further.

Etsy Scavenger
7/19/07 12:01 PM

I've just re-read my post and it might seem rather judgemental - I think what I was attempting to say was that rather than stressing over where to have your registry and what to have on it why not just leave people free to buy whatever they choose?

Open Thread 17
7/19/07 11:09 AM

I bought my nephews wooden toy boxes with their names handpainted on for their 1st Birthdays. They still have them 8 years on in their bedrooms to house their toys and general clutter (I made sure the designs painted along with their names weren't too babyish so the boxes have grown with them).

Good Questions: First Year Baby Gifts
7/19/07 08:23 AM

I think this must be a fairly American thing - we don't have baby showers or 'registries' in England (or not that I know of). Whilst it's probably a very practical thing to ensure that people buy you the things you really need or want I personally prefer the surprise of receiving a gift that was chosen by the giver. If it's totally hideous it can usually be returned to the store and exchanged but I was very lucky - everything I received when I had my daughter in 2001 was gorgeous - from cute little Baby Gap outfits and cuddly toys right through to a simply amazing Baby Dior outfit from my parents (which I most definitely would never have had the nerve to ask for). Friends and family were extremely generous and kind and I would have felt very awkward indeed providing a list of gifts for them to choose from - it would feel rather cynical to me but maybe I'm old-fashioned (or stupid!).

Open Thread 17
7/19/07 08:13 AM

Aline - re: your bathroom window. I have a large bay window in my living room that gets full sun all day and in order to be able to partially shut off the sun in places yet have other parts of the window clear I opted for custom built wooden American Shutters (ironic considering I'm in a Victorian cottage on the outskirts of London)! The shutters are in separate sections top and bottom which fold open flat independently of each other with slats that also open independently. It means I can block off the sun in one area but, if I wish, have all the other shutters open - there are lots of permutations. It's the same principle for privacy in a bathroom window really - I'd thoroughly recommend them and would install them if I moved (although probably in a darker wood next time).

Open Thread #51
7/19/07 06:58 AM

... they're called fanlights (quite appropriately really!).

Color Chips: Dublin Doors
7/19/07 06:45 AM

oh and I forgot to say - I like the dark Harrods green or black for these types of doors the best.

Color Chips: Dublin Doors
7/19/07 02:57 AM

Spinal Tap is a classic - I put it on a par with Up in Smoke for making your tummy hurt from laughing. The bit about the Stonehenge stage prop being trampled on by dwarves was probably one of my favourite bits (along with 'this goes up to 11' of course!). Brilliant :-)

The Celluloid Pantry: Big Cold Cuts, Small Bread and This is Spinal Tap (1984)
7/19/07 02:55 AM

The fanlights are fantastic - it's such a pity so many of them have been replaced with plain glass :-(

Color Chips: Dublin Doors
7/19/07 02:50 AM

How lucky you are to have such a large open space - I live in a 107 year old Victorian cottage and, whilst it's charming and has oodles of character, it's small and, at times, a little claustrophobic!

Anyway, in answer to your questions, my own personal opinion is whilst it's all very clean looking there's way too much wood everywhere. Personally, I'd swap the window treatments for something much lighter and plainer and match it in to some rugs to break up the expanse of wooden flooring, a tablecloth or runner (again, to break up the woodness) and the upholstery on the chairs. If it were my house I'd go lighter rather than go with the 'pumpkin' which looks great in the kitchen but might be a little gloomy all over.

Good Questions: What to Do with This Kitchen?
7/17/07 04:07 PM

amendment: the designer's name is Bent Severin.

Where to Find Engraved Champagne Flutes?
7/17/07 03:28 PM

Hubby and I bought a Tempur Memory Foam mattress and a new divan base a few months ago to replace our old sprung mattress and wooden frame. Admittedly, it was pricey but is guaranteed for its lifetime (15 years) and so far, touch wood, every night has been blissful. My husband gets up very early for work 6 days a week and I am no longer disturbed - there is no movement in the mattress when he rises for work - similarly, I don't wake my husband up when I come to bed late (I work in the evenings at home on my laptop). So all in all, it's been worth every penny. We recently bought our 6 year old daughter a single size memory foam mattress online (not Tempur, another make, since Tempur don't do one in the 2ft 6in small single size) and so far she's waking up far less often than she used to.

Best Mattress for Your Back?
7/17/07 02:45 PM

mamacita said: I'm sure there are some amazing vintage ones available.

There are - I've mentioned them elsewhere on this site but for fabulous modernist styling the Princess range of glasses designed by Bent Severin for Holmegaard (Denmark) circa 1957 can't be beaten. They're well worth trawling the auction houses and online sites for.

Tsar Crystal Sets by Baccarat
7/17/07 02:34 PM