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The comment "I say build them and sell them. You will make a nice buck" from chicity1126 highlights my point I guess.

I'm no snob but I just think that it is terrible that people not only don't see this as theft, but would actually encourage it.

A DIY Potence-Style Lamp

3/3/11 10:53 PM

I think to say "not many of us can or want to purchase a lamp at this price" is a total generalization. There is a reason it is priced as it is, and a reason why it is still such a popular design after all of these years. Whilst I don't agree with magazines and websites that look down their noses and assume EVERYONE can afford items like this, different people have different views on what constitutes value for money, as would be the case here "Value" is a subjective term.

And not to gripe but I just think it's totally disrespectful to the original designer, the manufacturer and retailers to encourage plagiarism and essentially theft of their intellectual property. Surely someone who was creative and resourceful enough to undertake a DIY project like this would bring their own ideas to the table and create something unique? I admit this is not the worst case of it as the end result has differences, but designer rip-offs are now an industry themselves.

As with the piracy of music and movies, I fear that people now just feel entitled to steal people's IP to suit their own ends with no guilt. Does anyone agree about this? The nice things I have in my house I saved up for and appreciate for their value. I think it's a sad situation for designers. It will eventually turn people off becoming artists and designers, and the world needs them!

A DIY Potence-Style Lamp

3/3/11 10:51 PM

I have to say I agree with Blandwagon. Looks like a beautiful house, but how can you claim that it is "sustainable" to build a house that big and keep a straight face? I guess to accurately answer that you would need to know how many people were going to live there and whether it really needs to be that big. Any attempt to live more sustainably is to be encouraged, but more and more of what I see of "sustainable" contemporary architecture is little more than moral posturing by taste show-offs. Sounding a bit negative because it is a really nice place, but common sense needs to be used with the labels we put on this kind of architecture.

The House That LEED Built in Mill Valley

10/1/10 01:42 AM

Wendy, I would say it is almost certainly by an English company called Ercol. They still manufacture their pieces but you might get a nicer vintage one for a fraction of the price. They often come in a nest of 3 and were designed by Lucien Ercolani. Do a google image search and you should find similar ones.

Identify the Stool on Orla Kiely's Site? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
11/18/09 04:22 PM

I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone staying in Copenhagen. I looked like a bit of a weirdo checking out all the door knobs and walking around like a kid at Disneyland, but it really tops off the CH experience.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | The Most Famous Hotel Room in the World?
7/31/09 01:56 AM

The one on the left looks to me like a Norwegian chair by Vatne Mobler. The right would probably be Borge Morgensen. The papercord is tricky and expensive to replace though as a word of warning.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Identify Vintage Chairs?
7/3/09 02:10 AM