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Re #8, I've always thought Ben Foster (pictured) was really overrated. He hasn't been in a ton or had huge roles, but I'm always wowed by him on screen.

@ Alexily, I get what you're saying, but I'm a movie buff so I'm always up for a movie post. How about award winners or nominees with great sets? Atonement, The Aviator, The Kids are all right, Holiday Inn, Lord of the Rings, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Up, The Help...there must be more.

Get Ready for Awards Season: 10 Award Winning Movies to Watch on Netflix Now
1/7/14 12:05 AM

Gorgeous! It's so bright and sunny and white cabinets are my fave. I love how it's opened up to the dining room too.

Before & After: Kim's Bright and White Kitchen Update
1/4/14 02:27 PM

Completely in love with your home! It's so bright and cheery. Love the colors and styles and accessories and, well, pretty much everything about it!

Kyle's Cottage in the City House Tour
6/3/13 12:18 AM

I live in Texas too and I've seen a lot of BAD western, so it's nice to see something that's a little more modern eclectic western. It's not my style, but it looks good and way different from the usual boring or ultra modern man's bedroom. I actually like the cool boutique look with the sign and clothes, although it would drive me crazy to live with. Hook 'em horns.

James' Wooden Wall Bedrooom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/23/13 05:49 PM

Perfect timing on this. I was just watching a bunch of Top Chef reruns and one chef served goulash that looked really good, but when I looked it up I came across many of those ground beef recipes. Yours looks soo yummy. I was also just wondering how to braise meat (again, thanks to Top Chef).

Late Winter Recipe: Beef Goulash Recipes from The Kitchn
3/1/13 11:12 PM

I have a cupcake recipe with chocolate cake, a mascarpone cheese filling and chocolate glaze on top. I stick it in the fridge and it tastes like a a ding dong, just a little more sophisticated. So yummy and thank goodness I have this now that my beloved ding dongs are gone :(

Classic Snacks Made From Scratch by Casey Barber New Cookbook
3/1/13 05:13 PM

All of The Middle's Valentine's Day eps are great. That show is totally underrated.

Best TV Episodes for a Stay-At-Home Valentine's Day
2/14/13 09:19 PM

I love your eclectic style, colorful decor and mixed patterns!

Irene & Evan's Welcoming Whimsy House Tour
1/17/13 03:52 PM

OMG, I would LOVE to take a subway or el train into work! Unfortunately, the only rail in Houston is about a mile long and already in downtown Houston (so you'd have to commute just to get to the thing) and it's at street level adding to traffic and car accidents. You have no idea how mad it makes me that the city doesn't do El trains instead of street level rails. I've vacationed in DC, NYC and San Francisco and I just love taking the subways there, it's truly a luxury when you live in a city where it takes over an hour to get from a suburb to downtown, where many major companies are located. Subways are just sooo fast and I've never had a problem with safety or cleanliness.

On the subway in SF, my cousins and I were talking to some young guys who helped us figure out which train to get on and I mentioned how nice the subway was which they thought was really funny. People who grow up with something so convenient have no idea how amazing it to those of us stuck with a daily 2 hour commute. The only option here is the bus, which a lot of people use to do the park and ride to downtown, but it's just not as fast or convenient. I've never used the park and ride myself, but I can imagine several scenarios in which it could be a pain and you can't stop to run errands in town on the way home. A well laid out subway/el system could take care of all these issues. Not to mention alleviate rush hour stress.

That said, there are times when I'm very glad i have a car- big shopping trips, moving, taking my baby nephew places, and when I need a place to nap on my lunch break!

Driving VS Public Transit: What's Your Preference?
1/15/13 08:28 PM

@cordelia, I'd love to see your kitchen! I love glossy cabinets and white appliances!

Should I Go with Dark Base Kitchen Cabinets and White Uppers? Good Questions
1/14/13 11:56 PM

Well I haven't had a banana in 8 years, but you don't see me bragging about it. Haha j/k, someone out there might get that.

The only way I would ever have the microwave over the range is with a really small kitchen/limited counterspace. It's not cuz they're ugly, just inconvenient. But I prefer it on the counter anyday. For one, I'm short, so if I'm heating something that I have to check on, I have to drag a stool over to see it and sometimes to get stuff down so it doesn't spill on me (ever picked up something with your bare hands but it's really hot and your instinct is to drop it? Much rather do that on the counter than high over the stove to break and where other stuff may be cooking). I use the microwave too much to deal with all that stuff. It's also annoying if one person is at the range trying to cook and another person needs to use the microwave.

Over-the-Range Microwaves For Us Holdouts
1/10/13 08:04 PM

I've been meaning to check out this site, I keep seeing the commercials and am like "oooooh pretty!"

@lgs, I'm 29 and until a couple years ago, people were still asking me when I was graduating high school. I know people in their mid 40s who look mid 30s. Plenty of people look younger than they are

That definitely looks like a fun place to work! I love all the color and mix of high and low end furnishings. The only thing I'm not a fan of, which I seem to be seeing increasingly, is employee's desks right on top of each other with no privacy at all. I get why they don't have that right now, given their operating budget, but there is something to be said for the little bit of privacy a cubicle gives you just to be able to floss your teeth or call your doctor and have space to put some pics or art that makes you happy the 9 hours you're there.

FAB Office is Fab Office Tour
1/10/13 07:36 PM

I normally wouldn't agree with white, but it could work well in here, just make sure to add in colorful accents. If you want a color, I'd go with a pale aqua- the whole kitchen is shades of brown and brown always works with aqua.

What Color Should I Paint My Kitchen? Good Questions
1/9/13 10:07 AM

I love light wood floors, but there's something about oak that's very unappealing to me no matter what shade it is.

Style Underfoot: White Oak Floors
1/9/13 09:59 AM

The only new thing I made was parfaits (I got parfait glasses from my sister for Christmas) for the family gathering- Nutella mousse with a mascarpone cheese filling layer. The best thing I ate my uncle made, a smoked brisket, sooo delish, probably the best one he's ever made. Ate it for days after.

What Did You Cook Over the Holidays?
1/4/13 09:03 PM

Your home is just gorgeous! The historic details are beautiful and you struck the perfect chord between antique and modern. I love the colors you used and the porch "rug" is very cool. Do you have any of the paint colors you used? Especially the blue on the walls in the living room/bedroom and the blue on the painted rug?

Ruthie & Will's Eclectic Nashville Charmer House Tour
1/4/13 03:44 PM

I do the same as the author. Growing up, we'd get to each pick our own ornament each year and add it to the tree. There's also an assortment of glass balls and gift ornaments and baby's firsts and what not. I love the tree like this, it's so personal and warm and when we decorate together there are a lot of memories. I'm not a fan of theme trees-they're so impersonal.

Holiday Decor: Traditional vs. Trendy
12/7/12 02:02 PM

Since I usually need a lot of containers, I try to find some for about $1 each and I prefer tin canisters if I can find them as they are decorative and great for re-use. Last year I got some for a little over $1 each on sale at Walgreens, they were a great size and had so many cute designs.

10 Containers for Baked Goods Gifts
12/6/12 04:47 PM

Don't forget Schweddy Balls!

I like the ideas, simple and natural looking. Can you get these at craft stores?

Holiday Fun with Balls
12/4/12 05:28 PM

I'm not a fan of sweet pies, but those savoury pies sound yummy. Wish we had a place like this in Houston.

A Visit to Portland's Pacific Pie Co. Maker Tour
12/3/12 05:34 PM