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I love the pink!

Do you mind sharing the color of the pink in the kitchen and the pink room?

Apartment Therapy Boston | House Tour: Paula Brian's Cambridge Condo Rehab
7/28/09 06:55 PM

I'm moving to the Castro, but these levers are everywhere!

I also think the lever was disabled because of a different lock or door. But I think it'd be nice to be able to be able to use the lock connected to the lever when we're inside, and still have a deadbolt that I can lock from the outside when I'm not in the building. Wishful thinking, maybe!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Mystery Lever in SF Building
7/13/09 03:14 PM

this is Stella.

I'm hoping we can get this fixed, I just didn't want to call someone and say "hey, that lever thingy in the stairwell" but I hope it doesn't involve ripping open the wall! I can hear it working in the doorway, so I'm hoping it's fine.

About not knowing, I figure I can stick my head out the window and ask who it is, although maybe that's just as much effort as going downstairs to open it!

There is a speaking tube, but it's inoperable.

Thanks everyone!!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Mystery Lever in SF Building
7/9/09 02:24 PM

I live on the top floor of an edwardian in San Francisco and there is a fairly large lever at the top of the stairs that is meant to unlock/open the front door at the base of the stairs.

When I pull the lever, I can hear the mechanism in the front door area working, but it doesn't actually do anything. Does anyone know what this is called or who to contact if I wanted to have this fixed?

Thank you!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | San Francisco Open Thread May 2009
7/2/09 02:00 PM