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Greatest kids toilet seat EVER: http://www.amazon.com/Mayfair-83EC-000-NextStep-Lift-Off/dp/B00596IFBG

The kids can pull their seat down and then it goes right back up for adult use. It is well made, clean, and stays up when it's supposed to be up. LOVE IT.

Small Bathroom Ideas: Space-Saving Products For Families And Kids
4/8/14 10:12 AM

I'm kind of digging the floor! Is that a rug or tiles? Would love to see more of it!

Can You Spot It? Top-Loading Washing Machine Hidden in the Kitchen Studio D'Archi
3/26/14 10:38 AM

I have been fighting responding because everyone has different tastes, and they did do a good job on the refinishing...but it physically hurts me to look at the fantastic detail of the original piece and then see the transformation. If this had been some piece of crap 70's dresser that had gotten a facelift, I would applaud, but the original piece was so pretty and interesting and all of that interest just seems sucked out of it.

Before & After: A Modern Nursery Staple on the Cheap
2/27/14 12:10 PM

Online people have used clear plastic shoe storage boxes, but this thing looks awesome and the company ships internationally:


Ideas for Storing Nail Polish? Good Questions
2/21/14 04:19 PM

They also still make Simon--the light up game where you have to remember which colored buttons to push in which order. My daughter loves it!

NOTE: We also have the Snoopy Sno-Cone machine, and it is way better in theory than in practice. It takes forever to shave the ice--and I mean FOREVER. It's the equivalent of hand-shaving ice cubes on a cheese grater, and would probably take about an hour to get enough ice to make an actual snow cone. I wouldn't recommend it except as a kitschy display item.

Flashback: 10 Toys from Childhood You Can Still Buy
2/18/14 12:15 PM

I agree with textiles...I LOVE color and pattern and all kinds of crazy, but the really busy patterned wallpaper in the small kitchen areas just makes my eyeballs hurt. For me, it's too much going on in too small an area, plus I feel like you'd need to keep the countertops completely bare--no appliances or anything--because you wouldn't want to add more clutter into the mix.

Do This Don't: Wallpaper in the Kitchen
2/14/14 12:15 PM

Eeesh! Not trying to start an argument, just saying that, in my opinion, the white subway tile look is so saturated that it has a dated look to it.

I'll rephrase: I wouldn't do white subway tiles with your current kitchen, because while they can look sleek in certain settings, I fear that they will read too "cottage" with the current cabinets and counter tops for the "modern" look you are going for. It would be helpful to have an idea of your design aesthetic and/or your definition of a "modern" look, but I do think subway tiles are not the way to go based on your listed concerns.

I also probably slammed subway tiles more than necessary in my previous replies because I am personally very bored with the look. It's always fun to see the ways people update their homes and kitchens, and whenever there's a renovation blog post I can't wait to open it and get ideas and inspiration. It feels like the vast majority of the time I see a kitchen posting, it's white or black/grey cabinetry and a white subway tile backsplash, and the repetition of it all got the better of me.

Ideas for Making Country Kitchen More Modern? Good Questions
2/7/14 03:26 PM

I wasn't saying that subway tiles were a brand new phenomenon to 2013, I was saying that every kitchen redone in 2013 has a white subway tile backsplash. It IS a trend right now, regardless of its history in kitchens' past, and it's a really overused one. In a few years that look will scream "the early 2010's" or whatever they are calling this decade--just like "skinny jeans" and "espresso wood floors", to use more of the classic examples.

Ideas for Making Country Kitchen More Modern? Good Questions
2/7/14 12:33 PM

Please don't do white subway tiles! I'll have to think about some ideas/suggestions but in the meantime I swear to you every single kitchen redone in 2013 has a white subway tile backsplash. It's really really really overdone and also puts a definitive date stamp on when the kitchen was upgraded.

What is your style, and what do you consider to be "modern"? I think the backsplash is definitely what is making the look seem too country for you, and if you change it out it will make a huge difference. Did you see the Apt Therapy post about doing a temporary backsplash that's kind of like wallpaper or wall decals? You could design any backsplash you want:


Ideas for Making Country Kitchen More Modern? Good Questions
2/7/14 11:39 AM

Great ideas! You can also hang almost anything using the removable picture frame hanging strips. I used them to "tile" around a bathroom window--each tile is held in place by a removable strip and can be taken down without damage at any time: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/527132331355754372/

Renter's Solutions: Working With Whatever Wall Color You've Got
1/28/14 01:13 PM

I just bought some items at a store's "Semi-Annual Sale", and when the items were discounted even heavier about a week later, I took my receipt in and had them reimburse me for the difference. The cashier knew exactly what to do and did not even hesitate to reimburse. [NOTE: Many people do not know this, but if you buy an item and it goes on sale within that item's return policy time period, you can take your receipt in to the store and they will reimburse you for the difference. So if you buy an item for $40 and you have 30 days to return it, and a few weeks later you see that it's on sale for $10, you can bring your receipt in and they will return your $30.]

I also buy a lot of home goods and I'm not the best at picturing how they will fit within my house, so I return items that were not a good fit or the wrong color, etc. I do make sure any packaging is unopened and the items are in the same condition as when purchased, but I have ZERO return guilt! Why would I keep an item that is the wrong fit, or, even worse, defective?

Return Shame: You Either Have It or You Don't
1/24/14 12:27 PM

I'm really surprised by the replies so far! I LOVE THIS ROOM. Love it! The grey, which I normally don't love and also feel is kind of overused in nurseries of late, is absolutely perfect and allows the other colors around the room to pop. The elephant lamp is amazing--check out the tutorial--I thought she took a premade ceramic elephant and made it into a lamp, but she actually MADE the elephant! So impressed. Everything looks super cute and fun and I wish she would come to my house and give me decorating ideas!

A Circus-Inspired Nursery My Room
1/23/14 11:42 AM

Ikea makes extendable mattresses that can be made any size from 47" to 75". Here's one of them:


Where Can I Find a Bed that is Shorter than 6 Feet? Good Questions
11/27/13 02:18 PM

I'm assuming that the top "drawer" of the cabinet beneath the sink is just a false front, yes? Can you use the false front of the drawer and add hinges on the bottom of it to turn it into a flip down shelf? That would add about 6 or 7 inches of counter space right in front of the sink that you could use when you need it.

Also the Ikea Raskog cart that everyone is mentioning is so flipping cute you should get one no matter what you decide. :)

How To Eke Some Prep Space out of This Bathroom? Good Questions
11/22/13 03:58 PM



I like a royal or navy blue, maybe? See the blue versions of the ones above. The top one has a lot more light blockage, and the bottom is more sheer.

Help Me Pick the Perfect Curtains Good Questions
11/22/13 09:53 AM

I love the mail, and I love hand written notes! Wholeheartedly agree that a quick one-liner text or facebook post is not even close to the same thing.

I have made sure my 7 year old daughter has sent Thank You notes for every gift she has ever received. Sometimes it was fighting a battle, (especially after a birthday--so many cards!) but it was completely worth it. She now believes that a gift and a thank you card go hand in hand, and it's automatic.

Is Letter Writing Dead?
11/18/13 09:59 AM

An idea for a basket, if you go that route--this was from Home Goods and was inexpensive, but has shells on it for a beachy vibe:


BUT it always makes me nervous to store frequently used items over a toilet. I always drop something! One idea might be to hang canisters like those stainless steel canisters that hold kitchen utensils? If you install the metal bars to the wall and hang the steel canisters just like in a kitchen, you can remove each canister when you need something instead of just fishing the one item out and possibly dropping it.

Creative Storage Ideas for Tiny Bathroom? Good Questions
10/16/13 01:19 PM

I agree with you. I love the IDEA of the lamp, but the colors are off somehow, and the finish is too "finished." The paint makes the lamp look more slick and mass-produced, instead of embracing the shape of it and its individuality.

Paint it.

Retro Lamp: To Paint or Not To Paint? Good Questions
9/19/13 12:25 PM

Duvet is from Anthropologie, but it's about 8 years old. It was called "Savannah", I think! Thank you!

Kristen's \"Colorful Resort\" Room Room for Color contest
9/6/13 06:54 PM

See reply below!

Kristen's \"Colorful Resort\" Room Room for Color contest
9/6/13 01:19 PM