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wow, people are most stuck on the toilet seat! if it needs to go, it needs to go. and i love the locksmith idea. i tell people to wait awhile before styling a new room/apartment. sure, put furniture in place, but be ready to move it. every new place will have different vibes to it: morning light, afternoon sun, rainy days. i like to get to what a wall looks like before i out a bunch of holes in it. but you also need to bring in a few things right away: plants give room/home a life; candles give a room a heart; books gives your place knowledge and music give it some soul.

How to Make it Yours: The First Things to Do in a New Home
8/12/12 01:34 PM

i truly love how this project has garned so much attention. and i love the fact that so many people have expressed their disdain for the reno but have commended ben on HIS mission/project. it may not be right for you, but it's right for him. and i, too, am not liking the the reno but i commend him for taking on a project to fit his style.

Before & After: Ben's One-of-a-Kind Wallpapered Dresser
3/19/11 11:39 PM

THANK YOU. i love that color. my mother made me an afghan with blues and tans and whites that i changed my whole color palate around this afghan but decided this deep orange would be the best pop color. from vases to pillows to old '70s chairs, it really echos of my parquet floors.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Look! Dark Orange Walls at Green Street Cafe
7/1/09 09:37 PM