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I have this line available and my showroom is in West Hollywood! Those in the pictures come from Visonaire, but I have many similar available and can do custom if you choose. If you want to see our look please go to Basically, you can expect to spend about 1800 to 8000 based on the architecture and the materials you choose. I don't have these in stock at the moment, but I can order for you. If you want to do custom, probably 4 weeks, and if you choose something import or special order, you are probably looking at 6-12 weeks.

I just completed my new site and I hope you like it! If you have any questions feel free to call me. 323-656-8448.


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8/15/09 05:24 AM

Dude, I TOTALLY get this guy in the only if they made a travel size plastic bubble with built in ventilator that I could inflate and crawl into. It would also serve as a flotation device.

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7/16/09 04:20 PM

P.S. if you have the means, you can pick up a dreamliner (yes, when they are done), for roughly 178mil, and then remodel yourself. I don't see how they can fill the 800 mil gap for that design, but then flipping planes could be the new "fixer-upper."

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Home in the Sky: BMW's Billion Dollar Boeing
7/1/09 07:37 PM

WELL LA-DEE-DA! I love when major design firms with lots of financial backing can give the world the middle finger while simultaneously doing something so cool that we don't even notice! Can you tell I'm jealous??

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Home in the Sky: BMW's Billion Dollar Boeing
7/1/09 07:33 PM

This is Amazing use (and respect) of a timeless piece of architecture. To live in such history has to be surreal. We attempt to open our minds to every other sort of alternative dwelling, but this lends itself to the next generation of spacial rethinking and re-tinkering. Your home SHOULD be a place of spirituality and community. I personally find the ghosts of a old slaughterhouse turned loft in the meatpacking district, more haunting than a church; where you find the some of the best-intended and most beautiful spiritual concentrate of human existance. I have my eye on that foreclosed monastery in Provence for my summer get-a-way.

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7/1/09 04:45 PM