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I second the absolute deliciousness of jasmine green tea. I drink one giant mug *every single day.* Sometimes I feel plain green tea, such as sencha, can have a bit of a dirt flavor.

What's the Difference Between Green and Black Tea? Tea Essentials
2/27/14 02:48 PM

Holy crap, check out her AirBnB post!

Americans in The Hague: Sonia’s Warm and Welcoming International Kitchen Kitchen Tour
10/22/13 05:38 PM

Avoid number 3, the Case Study Daybed from Hive. Those are the "beds" that were supplied by the powers-that-be for single rooms at my graduate dormitory. They make look spare and chic, but after *one* night my back hurt so badly I was practically crippled. Take it from me: don't make your guests sleep on that.

Small Space Sleeping: 8 Favorite Daybeds
5/7/13 02:12 PM


Win: Mauviel M'heritage 150 7-piece Set Holiday Giveaway
12/5/12 03:26 PM

I really wish you guys would pull back and show more whole-room views. I find it really frustrating. Detail pics are all fine and good, but they're meaningless if I can't see how they're used in the entire scheme.

On Trend in Europe: The Handcrafted Hippie Home Look
10/18/11 03:51 PM

I fell in love with Gueuze many years ago while in a relationship with a Belgian. It's incredibly tasty and yet I find it next to impossible to locate it here, particularly for home purchase rather than in a Belgian-theme pub. I think one of the best is Belle-Vue Gueuze. Really delicious. Good luck finding it though.

Go Gueuze! What's Up With This Sour Beer?
8/16/11 03:21 PM

Ditto a previous comment about making baby food. This would make it so much easier for me to blend stuff for my bebe.

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12/14/10 10:01 PM

This would look good in my son's room.

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12/14/10 09:59 PM

Me me me!

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12/14/10 09:57 PM

I was disappointed with the first carrier I purchased. Maybe my son will like this one better!

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12/14/10 09:56 PM


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12/14/10 09:55 PM

Me me me!

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11/30/10 01:53 PM

I just plotzed.

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11/30/10 01:52 PM

I need a new rug but can't afford one!

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11/30/10 01:49 PM

We have no stereo; we have no room for one! I would looooooove to have this!

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11/22/10 05:47 PM

I thought this was good, but actually needed a little more complexity. Next time, in the lemon and olive oil mix, I'm going to add one minced garlic clove and a tiny bit of anchovy paste.

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3/25/09 11:47 PM


Apartment Therapy New York | Allergy Luxe Bed Bug Barrier Bedding
6/30/08 12:36 PM

why, why, why do baby products have to be scented? Why do we keep perfuming our babies? I really hoped Method would offer an unscented choice in this line. Someone please tell me they do. If not, I'm disappointed in them.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Method Baby and Method Kid: Squeaky Green
4/8/08 12:06 PM

My current vacuum was a gift and it's just awful! It's worse than useless because it spits a lot of dust out while NOT sucking dirt up!

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Oreck XL Ultra Vacuum
3/7/08 05:27 AM

I don't know about his bedroom, but I've read that Crispin Glover has a gynecological chair in his front hall.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Survey: What Celebrity Bedroom Would You Most Want to See?
2/22/08 10:39 AM