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Love this room! What a great, colourful space :)

My Room: Henry & Holly
London, Ontario

10/2/12 12:55 PM

That would be mighty easy to hack... basket, piece of plywood, castors.

Rolling Rattan Basket Family Find
8/7/12 12:57 PM

Awesome! Seriously, this might be the best play kitchen I've ever seen :)

Play Kitchen for a Mini Gourmand Kate's Creative Space
7/10/12 04:38 PM

Maybe not for bigger kids, but our three year old still needs mama and papa at night sometimes, so we would rather have a double. Not only would it be more comfy for us to bunk in with him some nights, but we don't have a spare room, so we could put up guests in his room and move him to a sleeping bag or in with us. Bigger beds have greater flexibility for everyone. Alas, his room is tiny so we cram in his twin bed.

After the Crib: 15 Twin Beds for Big Kids
6/22/12 04:08 AM

Exactly! We don't have a 'parlour' or formal living room that must be kept pristine. We only have our actual living room, and we all live there. Forts? Yes please!

In the past, it was only the very wealthy who had the luxury of space that only was used on formal occasions (sitting, dining). Now there is this expectation that everyone should have formal spaces as well as living spaces, and I'm not sure it's to the benefit of anyone -- adults, kids, or the environment. More space = more space to clean, heat, and furnish = more drain on family time, as well as financial and earthly resources. I prefer to live small, for all those reasons, and can happily deal with the messy house if that's the compromise required.

Embracing the Family Mess: Striking a Balance Between Chaos and Order
6/12/12 04:06 PM

I am surprised in myself at how much I like this colour scheme! It feels a little too deliberate with all the mismatched chairs & light fixtures, rather than something which came together organically with use and need (which is where real eclectic comes from, IMHO), but still -- I'd live there!

Jimmy Schönning's Small & Stylish
Swedish Apartment

5/29/12 01:59 PM

I love it! I also like the before, with the platform bed with storage :)

DIY Pegboard Headboard Our Fifth House
5/29/12 01:39 PM

This is one of the nicest and most practical baby rooms I've seen on AT -- love it! Well done!

Magnolia's Old, New & Handmade Room My Room
5/23/12 03:40 AM

I just adore this room! Everything is super cute and looks very functional. I love the bunting and am glad you'll move it when the time comes. Not every decorating choice is a PSA in disguise :)

Evangeline's Perfectly Portable NurseryMy Room
5/14/12 12:44 AM

Thank you so much, @A Stylist's Life for providing the context of the loss of the kitchen cabinets, sink and doors.

I think the photos provided on your blog which show more after pictures are awesome. (http://www.astylistslife.com/search/label/renovation for anyone looking!).

What a great second chance for an old house!

Raina & Robert's Modern Farmhouse Makeover
A Before & After House Tour

4/18/12 04:18 PM

I like the serenity of it :) Having a huge couch makes it comfy-looking, too.

Nora's Seriously Simplified Life Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 04:10 AM

Wow. Just... wow. Tiny = perfect, apparently. Ok, maybe not with a loud cat, a dog and a toddler, but I'd like to live in your place for at least a day :)

Erin & James' Easy to Live In Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 03:57 AM

I'm not favouriting anything anymore since the numbers drop as soon as I do :(

This, however, deserves it. Great use of a challenging space!

Christina's Cooking Lover's Studio Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 03:55 AM

And post a photo!

Should I Trade My New Sofa for a Used Vintage One? Good Questions
4/10/12 09:05 PM

Doooo eeeeet!

Should I Trade My New Sofa for a Used Vintage One? Good Questions
4/10/12 09:05 PM

Love this! What a lot of work and boy did it pay off!

Before & After: Empty to Lush Backyard Studio G
4/8/12 09:22 PM

I would never snark on a project! This is gorgeous! I've been over the photos several times, and still don't see photo evidence of the footings. I'd just hate for someone to recreate it who doesn't realize or see footings, and waste that work when the wood rots out. Why? Because it's AWESOME! And their grandkids should play in it, too :) Not everyone who has a less-than-100%-in-favour comment of every single thing in a post is being snarky or negative.

The Coolest Treehouse Ever Eilas Blog
4/8/12 02:06 PM

Or paint the closet doors! That would be *awesome*!

Abigail's Yellow & Grey DIY Nursery My Room
4/8/12 12:10 AM

I can't decide if it's super sweet or very bland... maybe both! I love the details, but the overwhelming beige is tough. Maybe a big piece of colourful art would wake it up a tiny bit, or a pretty carpet. I think overall I like it a lot. It's very functional though, which is better than On a practical note, having the bed in there is genius! I wish more parents thought of that :)

Abigail's Yellow & Grey DIY Nursery My Room
4/3/12 12:06 AM

I think it looks great, but it's a shame everything for girls has to be 'pinkified' or toned down. Kids of all genders like bright colours...

Before & After: IKEA Circus Tent
Little Free Radical

4/1/12 06:16 PM