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You're going to have to redo all the walls. The least expensive way is to change the floor tiling, a glossy black would tone down the walls. The present flooring is too jarring with the wall tile.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Experience With Reglazing Wall Tiles?
10/31/07 07:49 AM

Because he's a good friend, he's done it mostly out of kindness, money alone is insufficient (but a good starting would be around $20-$25/hour * 25 hours); accordingly, give him around $625 plus something that requires thought and sentiment, i.e., a homecooked meal or a nice dinner out, a bottle of his favorite wine.

By the way, I have 6 midcentry dining chairs, each with a seat and back cushion that requires reupholstering, would he like additional work?


Good Questions: How Much Should I Pay My Reupholstery Friend?
7/17/07 08:14 AM