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Wow....I never would have guessed that there were multiple sources for expensive fake life-sized sheep as decor.

Apartment Therapy New York | Fluffy Life-Sized Sheep Sculpture Under $3000? Good Questions
7/22/09 03:43 PM

Wow. Can't say it is really my style, as far as choices I would want to live with day in and out, but it's a beautiful house and the love and care you've taken in restoring it is evident everywhere. Great job.

The kitchen and dining room are stunning! If you ever need a little extra $ you could definitely rent it out for film shoots.

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7/22/09 03:40 PM

oops...forgot the link

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7/20/09 05:58 PM

oh, another thought...since you said you already feel like it's busy with the existing bookcases more bookcases might be about a storage piece like this to put the TV on (look at the photo with the pair of tables side by side, not the first picture with the puny single one). It's narrow and taller so has some color so it would really give that wall a pop of color and give your eye somewhere to rest besides the big TV. Might take some patience but a vintage piece might be nice.

Apartment Therapy New York | Ideas Inspriation for Living Space? Good Questions
7/20/09 05:58 PM

Reminds me a lot of the layout of my house. But we have lower cielings. I understand your dilema though. The same thing bothered me about our place.

I tell you what we did because after 3 or 4 tries I feel like it is finally working. Instead of switching the TV and couch I would swap the couch and those two chairs. The couch should face the fireplace. Then you can leave the tv where it is but you wouldn't be staring at the big wall. Add a small entry table just to the right of the entrace and place a large round mirror over it. If you can upgrade to a slightly more substantial media stand I think that would give that wall a big pice to anchor it. Also, two tall bookcases, one on either side of the tv would give your eye something to focus on over there. Something like these would be nice: (look at the room view. The first picture doesn't really do them justice)

It's a lovely room though. I think your 90% there already.

Apartment Therapy New York | Ideas Inspriation for Living Space? Good Questions
7/20/09 05:41 PM

They aren't as nice but pottery barn carries something with a similar feel and much cheaper than the aquatint ones.

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7/17/09 02:34 PM

We had a great experience working with Andrew at Beauty Grows

They are neighbors of ours and we were thrilled not only with their work but with their willingness to work with a very, very tight budget. They solved a major drainage problem, tiered the yard and installed a small retaining wall, installed an irrigation system, layed sod, built a fire pit and helped us select low water plants (which we planted ourself to save $) all for the same price another contracter wanted just for the drainage!

I'll come back tonight and post a link to some before and after pictures our yard.

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7/16/09 04:27 PM