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I'm biased against their audio products (much better gear for much less $$ is out there). I can't imagine a TV from them being different.

Bose VideoWave Entertainment System Test Lab
5/30/12 05:09 PM

We put in two Galcier Bay dual flush toilets in our house.

They run $100 each from Home Depot (it is their store brand)!

So far, they both work great(in service for a little over a year).

Bottoms Up: The Pros Picks for Top Toilets
5/21/12 03:44 PM

They aren't bad. I would like 4-6 for my patio, but not at the US costs. I stayed at the Thunderbird Motel in Marfa TX (each room has a pair). they said they got theires across the border for cheap. Not sure if it's worth the risk to make the trip for chairs......

Quick History: The Acapulco Chair Retrospect
5/10/12 11:59 AM

I purchased a Herman Miller LCW from Lexington Modern and am very pleased with it (even though it took months to ship because it was out of stock).

Add Some Knock-Off to Your Life
2/7/12 01:43 PM

I like OXO for kitchen tools and Mundial knives (low cost but high quality blades).

No Substitute: Which Products Inspire Brand Loyalty?
1/27/12 12:13 PM

I think the Malm is ok as-is. Actually, they look fairly sharp in a plain way.

Can we give that cat a make-over? Jesus....

A Graphic Remedy for the Malm Dresser Fine Little Day
1/27/12 12:09 PM

Planted tanks take SO much work (more than my feef tanks). They are amazing though!

The Modern Aquarium: Pets, Decor and Tech, All in One
1/18/12 02:35 PM

As a science teacher, I dig this!

Win This Botany Pillow from Heather Lins Home!
Holiday Giveaway 2011

12/16/11 07:37 AM

Love Marfa!

Win This Prada Marfa Print from ArtStar!
Holiday Giveaway 2011

12/16/11 07:35 AM

A local bowling ally was giving away their replaced lanes. Would have been neat for something like this.

Reclaimed Gym Flooring Goes to Work
12/9/11 03:14 PM

You can also take and cover a plain cord with Techflex.

The Best Looking Extension Cords: Best Made Company
12/9/11 03:13 PM

Looks like a nice Marantz amp nearing it's early death!

Turn IKEA LACK Tables Into Custom Component Rack
12/9/11 02:54 PM

I just put in a 40 gpd RO unit in for about $150. It was easy to install and makes great tasting (and safe) drinking water. Only downsid to RO is that they wast water in the process.

The Waterwise Tabletop Water Distiller
Daily Find

12/9/11 02:53 PM

yep, mine ticks too. It's like clockwork.

On the 2nd Day of Christmas: Tech Gifts Under $25
The 12 Tech Days of Christmas

12/9/11 02:37 PM

Given the price........IKEA for me.

Best Wall Clocks 2011
12/9/11 01:08 PM

I can’t imagine this would sound very good. There is no internal dampening (in what would be a very “lively” cabinet) or bracing.

Final Frame: Transparent Sounds
11/29/11 10:13 AM

For those saying that the before is better, you are lookiing at it on a non calibrated screen!

I see the benefit, but my $15 sound and vision DVD does a fine job.

HDTV: Worth the Cost of Professional Calibration?
11/3/11 05:01 PM

I just got a refurbished Insignia for $50! Great so far.

Help! Which Blu-ray Player Should I Buy?
Good Questions

10/18/11 12:34 PM

It amazes me how many issues folks have with CFL's. We have been 100% CFL for a few years without issues. We did have to find a frind a brand and color temp we liked.

CFL's CAN NOT be used with a dimmer (unless stated)! Most should say that on the package.

When You Shouldn't Use CFL Bulbs
10/18/11 12:31 PM

I also have the Lexington Modern knockoff and am very pleased with it. While I know you aren't asking for a direct copy, I would still suggest it. my only catch was that they were aout of stock and it took MONTHS for it to come in. Given the price, I can't say anything bad about it.

I see everyone's point about buying the real thing. I would love to have the real thing, but can't justify it for a rarely used bedroom chair. And to the craigslist suggestions; that's great if you live in an area with an abundance of MCM classics, but I don't. Things like that don't show up around here.

Affordable Version of Eames Molded Plywood Lounge?
Good Questions

9/20/11 07:33 AM