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Would love to know that paint colors you used, too. Beautiful.

Stellah's Disappearing Bed
4/28/11 06:46 PM

LOVE your place, Stellah. If I wasn't in the contest I'd vote for you, for sure. :) Is that the Gianni rug from C&B, btw? My sister needs a rug for her family room and that's one I'd recommended. Looks great in your space. I want her to get a pouf, too - CB2?

Stellah's Disappearing Bed
4/28/11 06:45 PM

Thanks again for the nice comments, I really appreciate it.

cvgmiami, I indeed chose the clear shower curtain to expand the visual space in the bathroom. It definitely does the trick, makes the room feel twice as big as if there was a big fabric curtain there.

Terry, thanks for kind words about Theo, and yes, I did hire an architect, primarily to help me with placement of the closet, which originally separated the kitchen from the rest of the space and now helps give me a little entry area on one side as well as a dressing area on the other.

Tracy333, the Love Ball art actually came from a friend who put on the event back in the early 90s. I wish a print was available, but I don't believe it is, sorry.

Dillonliving, I don't have info on the floor paint anymore, I'm afraid, sorry. Hope you found a good option.

Jay's Small Scale Renovation
4/28/11 06:25 PM

Thanks everyone for all the kind comments. I’m flattered, and happy that some of you remember the tour and my dog, Theo, who sadly just passed away from cancer. I felt weird posting pictures here with him in them, but he’s still in the shots from the house tour.

Thorndale, the chandelier was expensive but not $3k expensive. I’d had my eye on it for a long time and decided it was worth the splurge. (It’s the Eliza chandelier from Jayson Home & Garden.) Sorry, Coletta (rhymes with velveeta), it’s the same furniture as the house tour – I’m going to upgrade the Jennifer sofa, though. She’s served me well for 13 years.

Ofelia, I’d like some chairs and a dining table, too, but there’s just no room. There are stools at the kitchen counter, though.

Jessica, I got the mirror at a now-defunct shop in the Village, but I found it online from several sources. It’s the Ainsworth Round Beveled Wall Mirror by Two's Company.

Jay's Small Scale Renovation
4/10/11 10:25 AM

My little studio was featured after the renovation was completed in mid-2009. I didn't know about the contest last year and I'm wondering if I can submit it this year...?

On Your Marks, Get Set… Small Cool 2011!
3/29/11 01:22 PM

I like the blue - it's a vacation house in the Turks & Caicos, not a Manhattan loft. Have some fun with it.

Step-by-Step Painting Projects: Bring on the Blues
2/4/11 01:30 PM

Trackbike - I have the 24" Bertazzoni (I *wish* I had space for the 30", no such luck) and love it. You're right, not a lot of good 24" options out there but it came recommended by Gringer (where I suggest you go if you're in NYC area), as did one from American Range - http://www.americanrange.com/residential/24residential.html. I'm very happy with it - great gas control on the stove and though the oven took a bit of getting used to (kinda strange start procedure) it works great.

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Jay's Chelsea Renovation New York
10/1/09 08:51 AM

Joyia, glad you like the apartment, thanks. I'm sorry to hear you're having a rough time with your contractor. Seems like it's never easy.

The sink is an Elkay Lustertone ELU2115. I really like it - just the right width and depth, and I'm glad I chose it over a bar sink, which I almost went with.

Good luck with your renovation!

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Jay's Chelsea Renovation New York
9/27/09 10:06 PM

blubrry, I found those shelves years ago at a home store in SoHo that's no longer there, unfortunately. Kept them through the remodel, obviously. Did a quick search on stainless steel shelf - try comforthouse.com or amazon.

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Jay's Chelsea Renovation New York
9/18/09 01:21 PM

You're right, emal, Theo's much better looking than my apartment. kelly, I found the tree sculpture at Nest Interiors on 9th Avenue in Chelsea. It's by a local Chelsea artist.

Centrd, I feel for you with the dog hair situation. We had huskies growing up and my mom used their fur to make yarn, which she turned into blankets and sweaters, believe it or not.

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Jay's Chelsea Renovation New York
9/18/09 12:50 PM

I don't miss having a full size fridge at all - the two undercounter units give me plenty of space and one of them has an ice maker, which is great. I got them at Gringer & Sons in the East Village - ask for Holly, she's great. Perlick is another option for undercounter refrigerator/freezers and Gringer has those as well.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Kitchen Tour: Jay's Chelsea Renovation
7/14/09 11:37 AM

Sorry, that should be Concordia.

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Jay's Chelsea Renovation New York
7/11/09 10:10 AM

The counters are called Concorida:

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Jay's Chelsea Renovation New York
7/11/09 10:09 AM

Glad y'all like it. To answer your question, the backsplash tile is a calacatta marble 1x4 mosaic. I got them at Stone Source here in NY.

ocd2, I know, I know, what's with the pots and pans in the cupboard above the sink...That's what I get for choosing to have a washer/dryer where I could have had a nice big cabinet for pots and pans. Ah, city living.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Kitchen Tour: Jay's Chelsea Renovation
7/8/09 05:36 PM

Of course, I also have to thank Sabra Krock, whose amazing photos more than do justice to my little place!

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Jay's Chelsea Renovation New York
7/8/09 12:12 AM

Thanks for all the nice comments about my apartment, I really appreciate it. I must give props to my friend and photo stylist/designer extraordinaire Jillian Browder, who helped me make the place look especially purty for the pictures.

I’ll attempt to answer your questions here – let me know if I missed yours.

- A friend found the chairs either on the street or at the flea market, I forget which. I think I paid him $300 for the pair. They’re in desperate need of recovering, but I do like the worn look and the color so I haven’t been in a rush to recover them.

- Honestly, I’m not positive on the floor color but I used Janothane Heavy Duty Polyurethane Enamel, made especially for floors. Not sure if it’s still available but if you go to Janovic/Benjamin Moore and ask about this paint they can recommend the right alternative. If I had to do it over again, I’d probably put another coat or two of sealer on the floors.

- As far as plants go, not much lasts in here more than a couple of months. Jade and mother-in-law’s tongue do pretty well.

- I do really like the LG washer/dryer. Just don’t be in a hurry for clean clothes – it can take a long time (like, several hours), mainly to cool the clothes once they’re dry.

- I’d say I manage to keep the floors semi-clean most of the time, not clean clean. As anal as I tend to be about cleanliness, I’ve had to let go a bit mainly because I have an active dog. I find myself following him around with a damp cloth when we come in from walks and/or wiping his feet out in the hall, but now that the floors have settled I’m learning to like the pseudo ‘shabby chic’ look they’ve achieved vs. the pristine white I’d originally envisioned.

- A friend gave me the coffee table years ago – a street find, I believe. You can find similar ones on ebay.

- I found the kitchen-wall mirror at Grove on Hudson Street.

- The fireplace works, but I don’t use it often because it tends to get a little smoky. I probably need to have the chimney cleaned...For now I’m OK with the white ceramic logs.

- The painting over the fireplace is “Shadows” by Alex Guerrero. I found it at Nest Interiors.

- Working on the ‘before’ pics...

- Rob, if you have enough space, you might consider both the daybed and the Expedit shelves/storage. I didn’t have enough room lengthwise or I might have considered a daybed or a more elaborate storage bed, but I’m happy with the basic bed I have.

- Scoobydubious, I understand your concern about big dogs in small spaces. Trust me, Theo gets a lot of exercise, is outside on walks and at the dog park several times a day, and is a very happy dog. Like groovypumpkin pointed out, a dog’s quality of life isn’t measured by the size of his home. Sadly, there are dogs who live in huge homes that are stuck alone in the yard all day and who have little or no interaction with other dogs and people. I think in many ways, city dogs are the luckiest dogs.

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Jay's Chelsea Renovation New York
7/7/09 06:12 PM

Beautiful space, really well done. To add to the list of questions, I love the counter stools in the kitchen. Source on those?

Apartment Therapy DC | House Tour: Heather's Tobacco Warehouse Dream Loft Durham, North Carolina
6/29/09 04:56 PM