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I've always loved The Dark Princess by Richard Kennedy. It's a children's book, but I would say it's not really for children. A very strange, sad, lonely story. Maybe if you wanted to traumatize someone out of their fairy tale fantasy! Thanks for all the "un-princess" recommendations.

The \"Un-Princess\" Book List
12/7/13 09:47 AM

I am worried about this. I see many patches in the brick. It really looks like it's in bad shape! I wonder, did this come up during inspection before you bought the place? Is it normal for a building to have three "wythes" of brick, or were they just placing new brick in front of old and is that okay? Oh dear... good luck!

Dan's Kitchen: The Big Hole in the Wall Renovation Diary
12/7/13 09:31 AM

For the person who didn't like plants in the bedroom, don't feel bad. I'm so superstitious I won't store things under my bed because it's considered to be bad feng shui. This is lovely, tho, nice work. But... bad feng shui !!!

Small Space Bedroom Hack: Queen Bed Gains Extra Storage
12/2/13 11:56 PM

I do like it and I think it's a neat economical alternative, but it would never work for me because my cats would knock all the dishes to the floor!

Open Shelving: Love It or Hate It?
11/25/13 11:13 PM

I have a cat who loves to chew things. I flipped when she barely nibbled the "magsafe" cord for my laptop and it stopped working. Apparently one little bite was enough to put a hole through it before I could shoo her off. It barely qualified as a nick, I didn't even see it at first. I was able to fix it with a razor knife and electrical tape, but after the third time, I gave up. I bought a new one and covered it with an inexpensive cord protector tubing, which is ugly and cumbersome. I've caught her chewing the tubing, but so far she hasn't bitten through. I usually keep it in a drawer, but getting all that tubing in the drawer is irritating. She's lucky she's fuzzy!

Protecting Your Tech From Pets
9/5/13 10:20 PM

We also used Combat for a nasty roach infestation in Atlanta. It worked very well and very quickly. The type we used kept the poison contained in a little box. Extensively spraying indoors just isn't healthy. We also had scorpions in our apartment and after spraying a few times with no difference, we stopped. (The landlord had an exterminator come in and spray for us.) I used to catch the scorpions in a jar, freeze them in the freezer, then take them outside and stomp them for good measure. It was awful trying to kill those things. They would climb up the walls and hang out in the bathtub. I wish we had only had roaches!

Do I Have to Let Landlord Spray for Pest Control in My Rental Unit? Good Questions
9/3/13 08:12 PM

Wow, I hope you got a HUGE discount. The words "moving sale" are sounding very attractive right now. I can't help but feel that not providing every customer with your best service is bad work ethic. There's no excuse for putting a customer on the back burner.

My Worst Move: Sorry, We Have No Record Of Your Shipment
8/17/13 03:56 PM

I think this looks good in pictures, but doesn't work in real life. You're always stuck in front of a mirror and can't just relax and enjoy the room. I hate eating in a small restaurant and being constantly distracted by my own reflection. The examples are lovely and clever, though, nice work. I guess it is a great look and could work, if you enjoyed the mirror.

Home Hacking: Adding Mirrors for Light, Glamour & Illusion
8/11/13 01:55 PM