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I've always loved leopard. I know it happens to be a trend right now, but it really is one of those classic things that never goes out of style. It CAN look tacky & cheap in the wrong fabric & if the pattern itself isn't quite right.

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Will the Leopard Print Craze Follow You into Your Home?
9/9/10 06:15 PM

I think mixing styles looks best when you limit the color palette, so I don't think the grey walls are a good idea. To keep it light, the color of the rug could work, or go with something in between the rug & chair/old sofa color. The dramatic look of the furniture calls for larger, more impactful art and heavier looking window treatments. Also paint or stain the light wood coffee table. I think the suitcases in the edge of one of the pics will look great in the room, so maybe pull that color in with a few other accessories (maybe lamps). People are talking about pillows on the couches, but I think that's the wrong way to go - tufted velvet is fabulous & its detail shouldn't be covered up, and the heavy fabrics of both old & new furniture will start to look dowdy and dated if you start layering with pillows. The old couch and chair appear to match in color pretty well, so you did a great job coordinating, and it's sometimes harder than you think to find the perfect pillow that doesn't scream "I added this pillow in a desperate attempt to pull this room together". I agree with everyone that the white chairs should go outside.

Room Design to Suit Vintage Sofa & Chairs? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/8/10 04:27 PM

A velvet tufted headboard is totally me & I am lucky enough to have discovered the pink one that my oh-so-stylish Nana had stashed in her garage. I remember the majority of people posting on AT being horrified by Brocade Home when it first surfaced, and it kind of disappointed me that posters weren't more open minded about looks that might not fit their own personal I'm happy to see this post. As for a design idea that's stuck in my head, I want to wallpaper one wall in my living room and this glittery one is tempting

Apartment Therapy New York | Velvet Tufted Headboards
10/7/09 06:30 PM

A few suggestions: Definitely go with more pattern, but if you choose something traditional like plaid, stripe or floral, make sure to use a more luxe fabric texture so the combination doesn't look too dowdy. (Another pattern idea is paisley.)...It would be great to do use stripes & floral, w/ one as pillows and the other for curtains, art, or even a lampshade...In my last apt my roommate had a red couch and I had a green chair. To avoid looking like christmas, we found that it worked to incorporate some other orange/blue/yellow into the room, so I'm thinking these pillows would be great: . I also like the British look of the Union Jack pillow already suggested.

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10/5/09 11:05 AM