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When did you get that gorgeous rug? I don't see it on CB2 anymore. Ugh, now I'm pining away for a rug I didn't know I needed until now!

Anyone know where I can get more accessories in that beautiful royal blue/dark teal color?

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Lake Worth, FL

1/7/11 12:07 AM

Great info - thanks! This visual learner is also appreciative of the photos. Keep them coming.

Cabinet Knob Wall Hanger | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/14/10 11:02 AM

Great concept, but yikes - the price! One can achieve this (albeit not as easy on the eyes) by taking off the pedals and training wheels, no?

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6/23/10 10:58 AM

Nice post, Beth!

While I completely empathize with those times when I feel like it's the same ole' same ole' snacks, I hesitate going for items like the squeezable fruit that's so far from the original state of the fruit that it seems to perpetuate the notion that the real fruit is ho-hum, boring old fruit. I think of what Michael Pollard stated in his book In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto, in which he encourages us to serve and consume foods that our great-great grandparents could have recognized as food.

We are cultivating attitudes toward food that can be beneficial or detrimental....

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6/2/10 06:11 PM

Very cute and sentimental... but pricey. How about stamping your baby's handprint/footprint on a piece of paper, then scanning it? The jpeg image can be saved and utilized for DIY framed art, invitations, etc.

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5/25/10 01:37 PM

@sparklish: If the sensory table is made at a height comfortable to the child, it is actually more universally liked, as some kids detest sitting in sand or whatever the material of choice may be.

Here's a sensory table DH and I made years ago for my preschool program which accommodates multiple children and/or multiple activities:


Some of the best activities have been to add sparkly colored watercolor to water and to add ocean animals, or washing baby dolls. In the fall, we add crunchy leaves.

Really, the possibilities are only limited by the imagination of the parent/teacher.

DIY Sand Table | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
5/14/10 10:38 AM

This is adorable! And not too hard - thanks for the inspiration.

DIY Toy Grill | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
5/10/10 02:45 PM

I agree with JudiAU - the pieces at Community Playthings are made to last decades and multiple children, especially well-suited for preschool programs. Having used these pieces in my own programs in years past, I can vouch for the superb quality. The company even has a 10-year warranty on its products!


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5/10/10 02:40 PM

Ana White of www.knockoffwood.com fame has a fabulous plan if you'd like to DIY - it's free!!!


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5/6/10 04:28 PM

What a delightful little room for your three girls! My two girls share a room, and when the third girl is born, she will also be inhabiting the room as well.

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3/30/10 06:04 PM

Have you tried rubbing alcohol to get the stains off? That seems work for us.

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3/10/10 10:32 PM

Ooh, love this! Perfect for small spaces.

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3/4/10 02:40 PM

I worked in nationally accredited preschool programs for over a decade, and one thing I absorbed into my parenting from my teaching days is to rotate toys and books, whether weekly or monthly, and dependent on interest. They're stored in marked bins in the garage. My DH and I have also designated one small but well lit room as a play room so that the children's possessions and personal items are concentrated in that room. Keeps our home well organized and minimalist while encouraging ongoing play for the kids.

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11/11/09 11:42 AM

My daughter was homeschooled for kindergarten and first grade, and this year she will enter second grade at a new charter school. While I have gnashed my teeth many a time during the low times (I also have a charming but testy 2yo), having my sweet girls with me has been wonderful.

I will truly miss my daughter, and I'm working on LETTING GO, LETTING GROW.... That said, it's high time I give my second daughter uninterrupted quality time too, as well as get back to fitness and taking better care of myself so I can care best for my family.

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9/1/09 02:41 AM

This type of chair is not comfortable for the child who sits in it because her legs are dangling, without any foot support. As an assessor of early childhood classrooms, that is one thing I am mindful of with regard to children's furniture. Imagine having to have your legs dangle - after a while, your blook circulation would become cut off. Now if Chicco designed this with a foot rest, THAT would be a must buy.

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7/8/09 11:33 PM

The only problem with this wonderful idea is that my children want to open everything up! :) So, empty spice jars work better. Really cute idea though - many preschool programs do this regularly (since the kids try to open them up, heh heh).

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7/3/09 10:56 AM

We do a quick pick up time, where the kids are assigned a number and they pick up items off the floor/bed/etc based on that number, and I hum the William Tell Overture while they run around putting things away.

And another thing my DH and I always say as we put things away is, "Everything has a..." and our kids finish the sentence with, "...place!"

Everything has a place. (Now if only I can remember that too)

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Getting Kids To Clean Up Their Room: Use Songs and a Timer#comments
6/26/09 03:23 PM