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Re pleather vs leather, I am loathe to rewrite all of this since it comes up so often in a few of my circles, but I addressed some of that here, if anyone is interested:

And also, the leather industry subsidizes the meat industry - people who make leather goods buy leather, it's not like they came across a pile of hides in the forest and decided to "make do".

But to answer your question personally - ideally yes, they'd both be banned. However, I think most people have a visceral reaction to fur because you can clearly see where it came from. Also, a lot of people make excuses for leather (it's natural, it's "leftover" anyway) so they see less urgent need to avoid it to be humane, despite how true that is overall.

So, I don't think you logically have to ban both. While they're similar, people *perceive* them very differently.

Room for Debate: If You Ban Fur, Should You Ban Leather?
9/27/11 05:45 PM

Ditto mel_v's comment.

Also wool sheep are

a) bred to produce this way and their treatment is typically not humane

b) carted off to the meat industry when they're not producing any longer (add in transport footprint there as well)

Green Building Material: Sheep Wool Insulation
9/2/11 03:54 PM

I guess you could also use at as a compost scrap holder like those stainless steel ones? (The countertop ones, not the actual composting unit.)

I have just put them in recycling in the past because they're over 60% metal!

6 Alternative Uses For An Old Stock Pot
8/31/11 04:18 PM

I can probably do that re the toilet. I don't have a washing machine (a girl can DREAM, right?) but the toilet does make sense! Thank you!

Tips for the Slow Home: Conserving Water
8/26/11 01:40 PM

Also, I have heard mint being planted around the compost helps but some gardening communities say otherwise.

In seeking out that info, I did find this link, which says you can bokashi your compost which apparently repels rats?

I Found a Rat Near My Compost Heap! What Should I Do?
Good Question

8/26/11 01:39 PM

There are a number of things you can do. Since NYC has a rat "issue" and we have a number of community gardens, there are some documents re best practices re rats:

The main things seem to be:
- reinforce your bin with wire mesh and makes sure it closes
- getting it on a solid base so they can burrow up through the ground and in is helpful
- not having it placed up against a border/yard edge/other items is helpful (rats are less likely to run through an open field to get to a compost bin than along a wall or fence, through clutter, etc.)

I have actually seen cats keep rats away from the garden because they chase the juveniles and the scent of a cat around in general is usually a good deterrent for rats - unless the food is such easy pickins' that they will risk cat attacks anyway. (It's true that cats alone can't control rat populations though - you have to be good with waste control, too!)

I Found a Rat Near My Compost Heap! What Should I Do?
Good Question

8/26/11 01:35 PM

If you live in an apt with no yard access and you have a tiny herd of cats that kill all plants (including cacti), what do you do with your collected water?

I'm happy to collect it but I can't figure out how to use it. If I took my cats' old water outside every day and dumped it into a street tree'd be down 2 flights of stairs and half way down the block?

Tips for the Slow Home: Conserving Water
8/15/11 02:59 PM

I actually went back to look at feedback I'd left because I couldn't remember. I think I've had overwhelmingly positive experiences on Etsy and when they're bad, it's usually an Etsyian who is a little green and doesn't understand customer service. The few custom orders I've had done (soaps for a baby shower, a custom tie clip) were exactly what I'd asked for.

I almost forgot about this one - such great customer service:

"Super awesome seller - These shoes, although they looked perfect as far as I (and the seller) could tell, fell apart upon first wear. Vintage is usually as-is but deborahjeanvintage was amazing about the whole experience when I contacted them and *offered* a refund. So nice and I would definitely buy from them again! Super friendly and I wish there was a Really-Positive option here!"

I wouldn't hesitate to leave bad feedback for the people who are bad at their businesses though!

Reader Survey: Have You Had a Bad Experience with an Etsy Seller?
7/23/11 02:22 PM

...that said, I'll turn it off @ night if it's lower than 90 degrees and just use fans. My and my cats' threshold seems to be upper 80s is okay, and then above 92 is bad news.

It's Just Too Hot! Run Your AC As Efficiently As You Can
7/23/11 02:10 PM

I have pets so I A/C one room and they have access to that room plus the rest of the hot apartment if they want it.

But there's no way I can leave a house full of panting heatstroke cats in my wake when I leave for work!

It's Just Too Hot! Run Your AC As Efficiently As You Can
7/23/11 02:09 PM

Oh, also, that you can call the cops if you see someone's left their animals in a car on a hot day!

10 Helpful Tips To Keep Pets Comfy & Safe While Traveling
7/15/11 05:14 PM

I second that no cargo -- but will up it to pretty much ever. Most airlines have a bad track record in this area with deaths or missing animals and rarely does a lost animal get found.

10 Helpful Tips To Keep Pets Comfy & Safe While Traveling
7/15/11 05:13 PM

Oh man. I resorted to a naugahyde couch to address "inappropriate elimination" issues (one of my cats pees when stressed out, which is 1x every six months but impossible to predict) and also to address the cat hair issue (I have a small army of kittehs) but, when I wasn't around, they've taken to scratching the custom-made slipcover I had made.

I have NO idea what the hell to do about that now.

How To Fix Cat-Claw Marks With A Corkscrew!
7/11/11 11:49 PM

I voted for re-use but best before/after DIY was a close 2nd!

A Summer Re-Nest Reader Contest: Tell Us What You'd Like!
6/20/11 05:29 PM

DITTO to this!

"Honestly, Readymade didn't have much content. Every 'project' they had was either a) duh obvious or b) relied on some special find the crafter had and you'll never find so you can't recreate it.

I miss Blueprint and Domino too, though!"

I always wanted to like ReadyMade more than I actually did like it and the above comment was exactly why. It was a great idea but - also to echo someone's point above - I can see why it failed if there are tons of DIY features online these days.

Readymade Magazine Folds & Cuts 75 Staffers

6/17/11 04:43 PM

Where does one get such a radiator shelf? I need 3!

Kelsey and Karl's Oceanic Apartment by the Lake
Green Tour

4/20/11 06:28 PM

In the summer, when I was doing lemon wedges that would inevitably go bad, I started freezing them. Win-win: they doubled as ice cubes.

I am trying to get better about this concept. Now I at least try to be reasonable about how many nights I'll actually be home to cook, make a list for the coop and I try not to deviate.I try to take stock of what's sitting in my 'fridge already and what I might need to make something out of it.

Prevent Food Waste And Save Money
Shine on Yahoo

2/11/11 11:03 PM

That's seriously disgusting. If it trapped them and you could put them elsewhere and just mice-proof your sloppy house, it'd be better. (Storing foodstuffs correctly is usually the first thing pest control recommends!)

Almost anything is better than glue traps - have you seen mice half-torn off of those? I have. People in my neighborhood can't "deal" with the situation they caused and dump the poor things on the sidewalk. I've found 4 now.

Carnivorous Furniture: A Better Mouse Trap?
2/8/11 10:39 PM

I have the same issues with liners.

My issue with compostable stuff is that I do public composting so I can't throw an entire shower curtain in the bin and if I throw it out into landfill-trash, it's not going to biodegrade anyway.

If you're in a city, where the heck do you put this thing when it's "done"?

Biodegradable Shower Curtain
1/31/11 01:51 PM

Could those of you who are citing % of indoor only and indoor/outdoor or outdoor/feral cats who carry toxo please cite your sources?

The ones I've seen in JAVMA and the like had indicated that indoor cats also carry toxo in low percentages.

These are the studies I was personally thinking of but I would like to know what studies others are thinking of:

I mainly consider toxo to be a food-borne human issue ( but due to the low risk of my indoor cats possibly carrying it and that affecting wildlife, I don't flush.

Yay or Nay? Cat Genie Self-Cleaning Litter Box
1/28/11 03:28 PM