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I, too, have been looking for a small, white desk exactly like this and would love it if someone could identify it.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Move Your Desk: Change Your Look Plus, A New Use For Contact Paper
1/28/09 08:45 PM

Sheesh, baba yaga. No need to be rude.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | High & Low: Sofa Wrapping Storage Units
11/6/08 04:57 PM

I'd also like to know if these are available for sale in the US. So much more attractive than the humidifier have right now.

Apartment Therapy DC | Humidifier by Middle Colors
10/27/08 08:15 AM

Does anyone have this marble bar from CB2?


For anyone who has it, did you have any issues with assembly? I'm having a lot of trouble getting the holes and connectors to line up, and I can't tell if it's because it's flaw in the way it was constructed or what.

I have the matching coffee table and console and didn't have any assembly problems with those pieces. Any insight from anyone with any experience with this product would be totally appreciated.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Open Thread 130 Chicago
9/29/08 11:11 AM

Looks cute from what I can tell, but the position from which the photo was taken doesn't exactly provide the clearest view.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Modifying an Ikea Expedit with Tape
9/29/08 10:51 AM

Sorry, don't have any helpful information, but I'm green with envy--those floors are so pretty.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Sealing Concrete Floors?
9/18/08 12:06 PM

So whimsical. I like.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Our New Bedroom Light Fixture
9/15/08 03:53 PM

How about this little pop of red?


It's not multifunctional, I guess, but I think it would work in the room and it's totally affordable.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Side Table Suggestion?Los Angeles
9/10/08 07:55 AM

Those panels are so pretty. Where are they from?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Inspiration: Curtained Bed
9/9/08 03:24 PM


I clip them from time to time, but it's always an ordeal. She's pretty sensitive about having people touch her paws, and I often come away with a scratch or two. I've thought about taking her to the groomer to have it done, but on a weekly basis, that could get awfully expensive too.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Question: Do Soft Paws Work?Los Angeles#comments
9/8/08 04:28 PM

Oh, and the problem that laetitae is talking about is a real issue with soft claws. Once the natural claw grows out, there is a gap between the base of the nail and base of the soft claw, and my poor cat would get stuck everywhere. One day I came home and she was stuck in a loop of sisal on the scratching post, mewling pitifully. It was awful. I had no idea if she had been stuck there for hours or what.

9/8/08 04:17 PM

These did not work for me. At all. My cat hated them, chewed them off immediately. And putting them on really is a two-person job, which is a problem when you live alone. I ended up taking my kitty to the groomer to have them applied, but between the cost of the soft claws themselves and the groomer's charge for putting them on, even if this was somthing that worked, I'm not sure I could afford to use this solution month to month.

I love my little one dearly, but I'm actually at my wit's end when it comes to her claws. I bought my first grown-up sofa six months ago, and she has destroyed it. I don't think I could get more than $50 for it now. She has several scratching posts, in carpet, sisal and cardboard, but she still always prefers the sofa.

I even talked to an animal behaviorist about the problem, and she said I was doing everything right in trying to train her not to scratch the furniture, but that some cats are just very obstinate scratchers. Short of declawing, which I am extremely uncomfortable with and really isn't an option, I don't know what to do except accept that sometimes having an animal in the house means you can't have nice things.


Has anyone else had serious scratching issues with their cat?

9/8/08 04:10 PM

I love their lotions and body care products, but I haven't tried anything from their home care line.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | J.R. Watkins Natural Home Care
9/8/08 12:21 PM

Awww, that's somewhat harsh, phauxtoe. In the right setting, I think little mirrored accents can be kind of glamorous.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Double Side Tables#comments#comments#comments
9/8/08 09:42 AM

How do you obtain those type of glossy, white floors? What kind of material is on the floors?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Using Black and White In An Open Space
9/5/08 04:14 PM

I love red and hot pink separately, but together, it looks too much like a giant valentine. I'm not into it.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look: Deep Red and Bright Pink Together? Austin
8/28/08 05:11 PM

Didn't click on the jump, but I'm struck by all the white walls in almost each of the picures. Not in a bad way--looks clean and bright.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Clip File: 10 Small Space Solutions
8/24/08 12:00 AM

I think in the right setting, it could be very striking and pretty. I do agree, however, that it's totally overpriced.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Hot or Not? Lorraine Helsinki Floral Headboard
8/21/08 11:50 AM

In terms of day-to-day living, I think white is easier to pull off with an accent color alongside, but I still think there is something beautifully pristine and serene about a completely all-white room.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Almost All White Room...With a Bright Accent Wall
8/19/08 07:09 PM

The Marimekko is totally creepy.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Best of Three: Black and White Floral Duvets
8/16/08 10:12 PM