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This reminder is really timely! Thanks! My boyfriend and I are moving in together soon and we're both in the process of paring down our belongings so that we will have a calm, organized, clutter-free home in the fall. Your posts are a great inspiration for not just purging, but also as a reminder to be more mindful when shopping.

Summer Update: The Living with Less Project
7/24/11 11:36 AM

I try to weigh organic v. local and make the best choice on a case by case basis. I do organic when possible, but not when it's been shipped halfway around the world.

On the water issue, GOOD did a write-up on it a few days ago. Personally, I stick to my Klean Kanteen.

Organics: Where Do You Draw the Line?
7/21/11 01:52 PM

I studied abroad in Cordoba and this was by far my favorite thing to eat while there. Thanks for this!

Salmorejo Cordobés: A Summer Gazpacho with Attitude
7/19/11 12:35 PM

most of my friends don't understand my love of elvis costello. it's baffling to me. adore him.

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: My Record Collection I - Elvis Costello#comments#comments
6/25/09 03:11 PM