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Why buy new when there are so many beautiful and functional vintage pieces out there?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Obsessed with Vintage Cooking and Serving Collectibles?
9/16/09 10:16 AM

HOT!!! Love these bikes!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Hot or Not? Alexander Girard Bicycles
8/5/09 08:45 AM

This place is stunning! I would definitely do it, although the cemetary in the yard would be a little creepy...

Apartment Therapy DC | Hot or Not? Church Converted to a Home House Beautiful UK
7/1/09 04:30 PM

Love it! I'm sooo in to yellow right now!

Apartment Therapy DC | Color Inspiration: Yellow & Black
7/1/09 02:36 PM

Love the mid century furniture!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | House Call: Gregory & Christine's Custom Chicago Style
6/30/09 03:49 PM

Can't imagine living without nature. I don't think human beings were meant to. Way to go guys!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Outdoor Inspiration: Guerilla Gardening in Athens, Greece
6/30/09 03:47 PM

I wish there was a deal like that in Michigan!!!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Trade-in Your Gas Guzzler for an Electric Mower in Southern California#comments
6/25/09 09:01 PM