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Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Before After: Viv’s Studio Makeover Sydney
7/16/09 02:10 PM

I think it's great!!! It is amazingly different!

Apartment Therapy New York | Alternative MoMA Tower Concept by Axis Mundi Dezeen
7/16/09 02:07 PM

You should also definitley check out LOFTwall!!! The best purchase I have made so far for my studio apartment! Really! It gave my apartment a whole new feel and a lot more privacy. I'm sure you will feel the same as I did when I discovered them! Good luck!!!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Help Design This Blank Canvas! Good Question
7/16/09 01:57 PM

Jennah...You should definitely look into LOFTwall!!! I had a similar situation and wanted a trendy way to fix it and a friend sugested I take a look at their website. There great!!! I thought they were a little steep at first but definitely worth it. I don't have any regrets...great purchase! Anyway check em out

Apartment Therapy Chicago | High and Low: Flexible Room Dividers
6/24/09 03:17 PM