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I am so impressed with the use of space and design. That closet bedroom is so amazing. I love to see how creative people are with such a small space. Nicely done.

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6/21/09 09:47 PM

I need to know where those cat dishes came from! My cats are envious. I also need the "e". Needless to say, those of us in Arizona are always super envious of those of you that can afford to live in San Francisco. Nice job.

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6/21/09 09:41 PM

Cool place and very inviting. Well... except for the bat. But that's my issue.

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6/21/09 09:37 PM

Love her kitty! However... I don't love the clutter, even if it is "organized". I need less stuff in less places and not more stuff in small places. If it works for her--then who am I to judge!

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6/21/09 09:10 PM