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I love having guests and offer my place rather often actually. I always wish I had more space to offer as people generally feel like they are inconveniencing me since I only have a 1 bedroom. I just set them up in the bedroom so I don't have to worry about waking them up when I get up for work and then leave them a key and map. The main reason I've thought about buying a new place is just so I have more space for hosting guests.

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7/25/11 04:30 PM

13.5 years in my current apartment as the owner and the 3.5 years before that in the apartment above as a renter. I think about leaving and have been looking at other homes but I love the neighborhood and owning a duplex makes it a neighborhood I can afford. The former owners of the home were there 45 years and I can imagine the same for me.

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8/6/10 05:16 PM

I live in a neighborhood that has quite a few college students as well as working professionals. Because of the college students I never really worry much about when my parties begin or end as there is frequently loud college parties that go much later than I can ever imagine my parties lasting. However, I do usually tell my upstairs neighbors if a party is going to be happening so that they are aware. I own the house though so I doubt they would call the police even if the party raged out of control. I once had an upstairs neighbor/tenant who was in two bands and they sometimes had late parties with dancing and loud music. It just never really bothered me that much even though their parties usually lasted beyond when I was going to bed. I told them I would only be upset if their bands were bad which luckily wasn't the case!

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6/19/09 03:34 PM