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SO elegant, tasteful, chic!! Great pieces, color palette and accessory selection... BRAVO!! Refreshing to see a great post!!

Paul's Perfectly Suited Studio
House Tour

1/6/12 11:43 AM

Lots of "catalog" items; West Elm, CB2 and Room and Board represent over 95% of the furnishing.... it's tasteful but lack of personality.

Sabrina Soto's Penthouse Pops with Color
House Tour

1/6/12 11:37 AM

Really nice! Great taste, great mix of furniture and style...

Amanda & Lincoln's Eclectic Modern Home
House Tour

11/6/11 11:26 AM

Very nice... can see myself there with a glass of wine!

Alon & Betsy's Clean & Classic French Countryside Home
House Tour

10/18/11 12:43 PM

Very nice! Great post.

Alon & Betsy's Beautiful Normandy Home
House Call

9/8/11 03:53 PM

Nothing new....

Donny Deutch's Manhattan Townhouse
Architectural Digest

9/1/11 04:22 PM

I have a majority of authentic pieces such as Le Corbusier lounge, Tolix Marais chairs, Eames side chairs etc.... and some knock offs... depends on the manufacture, scale, proportions and the use you have of it. I've seen pretty bad repro turn very ugly after just a few month.... but some replica are worth!!

Rank the Replicators of Modern Classics
6/10/11 04:25 PM

Can't believe Martyn Lawrence Bullard attributed the legendary Barcelona chair (from Mies Van der Rohe) to Eames.... what a shame...
Those decorators give bad press to the profession... working in the same field for the same clientele I am shocked by their attitude and lack of skills... they are shoppers not decorators, like bored housewives who needed something to occupy empty lonely days......
giant cliche.... again Bravo brings us trash tv....

Are You Watching Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo?
6/2/11 04:24 PM

Inspiring, emotional and very stylish!! What a great place with a lot of taste. BRAVO!!

Mike's Masculine Vintage
House Tour

1/4/11 01:18 PM

Vey cute and detail oriented!!

Kelly & Greg's Chez Glamouramous
House Tour

12/6/10 03:31 PM

Stunning! Really beautiful, tailored place. BRAVO!!

Gordon's Bachelor Pad at the Setai
House Tour

11/12/10 05:16 PM

Hum.... trying too hard fellow designers!!

Showtime House 2010
House Tour

9/23/10 01:52 PM

A bit boring and "deja vu", great space but nothing new....

Kevin Sharkey's High Over the Hudson
House Tour

8/30/10 12:26 PM

KEEP THE SINK!!!!!!!! It's so cool!

Should We Keep this Vintage Sink in Updated Kitchen?
Good Questions

8/26/10 02:40 PM

The apt is spectacular.... from the furniture to the finishes, everything is really well executed. The art, the built-ins, the colors.... GORGEOUS!!
Very tasteful and inspiring place.
Elegant and sophisticated, avant-garde Hell's Kitchen.
Thank you!!

Roy's South-to-North Big Switch
House Tour

8/25/10 06:41 PM

BTW it's actually a pleasure to see different homes and not ONLY be restricted to small 1 bdrm apts in East Village.... I am happy for those who can afford such a great summer house, it's the opposite of a "downer" more like a "dreamer" so thank you for sharing!!!!!

Robert & Ronnie's Breath of Summer Escape
House Tour

8/24/10 02:28 PM

Very nice, its a dream gateway! The setting is beautiful and the house is large.
The views are amazing and the finishes are well done.
However the rooms do not quite relate to each other, disparity in styles make you feel like a loft in TriBeCa (DWR/Eames) merged onto a house in East Hampton (Rachel Ashwell).... not sure about the mix. But it feels comfortable.

Robert & Ronnie's Breath of Summer Escape
House Tour

8/24/10 02:20 PM

Really like the bookshelves in the dining room area. The overall look is consistent, sophisticated.
A touch of warmth (floor lamps, armchair, ottoman etc...) will complete the look!!
Great job!!

Jeremy & Ralph's Bachelor Pad
House Call

8/17/10 06:15 PM

Nice and neat apt. Great use of a "small" space.
LOVE the amazing closet organization!!
It just looks a bit too much like CB2 catalog for me.
More diversity in patterns, layout and shape will bring more caracter to the space.
Thank you for sharing!!

Andrew & Eric Find a Place for Everything
House Tour

8/17/10 05:56 PM

Hopefully Margaret Russel will bring Architectural Digest to a new level.... more sophisticated and trendy (as the AD Europe for example).
So far Architectural Digest US only futures big/boring mansions with lack of taste.
Go Margaret.... best of luck to you!!

Architectural Digest Names New Editor in Chief
8/10/10 01:49 PM