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Oh yeah! I've had a recurring dream that I look into one of the tiny closets in my apartment and find a door that I never saw before. I open the door and find more rooms - oh joy! I am elated at finding more space, with a lot of light streaming from an unseen source in a room I have yet to enter. And yes, like so many others here, the disappointment upon awakening is intense. Jung didn't live in a small NYC apartment so I go with the interpretation that it is intense wish fulfillment for more space, more light...more more more

Do You (Literally) Dream About a Bigger Apartment?
12/7/10 10:24 PM

So inviting but unless you have space on both sides of the bed so you can make the bed without breaking your it worth the frustration and pain? If you don't have space on both sides maybe a futon instead of traditional mattress is the way to go.

Hibernating Dreams: Alcove Beds
12/6/10 03:57 AM

The phrase "fascination with abomination" comes to mind for one of these photos. I don't want to look too much as it makes me somewhat nauseous but it's difficult to believe what I see. And someone actually lives with this - oh well different strokes...

Roundup: Daring Dashes of Color
10/22/10 10:50 AM

How do you spell envy?

Great space, interesting design idea to lean doors against hallway walls. I myself would add a red wall somewhere but that is simply my personal preference. It is an elegant, tasteful and beautifully decorated apartment. And, I think it is very considerate of you to let Hugo and Vassa do their clawing thing on the dining room chairs - shows that you value not only stunning objects but your kitties as well. After all, our city apartments are not their natural stomping grounds so I figure let them scratch the chairs. Now if they were antiques....

Apartment Therapy New York | Paul's Asian Tribute House Tour
10/29/09 01:20 PM

Impressive collection of items for the home - at a price. Some items definitely in my budget but some...really outrageous. I was looking at bathroom wastebaskets and found many in the $200 - $400 price range. Many of these could be easily duplicated by buying a basic waste basket with pleasing lines and then either painting, decoupaging or otherwise embellishing it. I did get some good ideas from looking at these pricey garbage pails. There are definitely items that I feel are worth their price and I spend the rest of the time gathering more ideas while internally laughing at some of the price tags.

Excellent service, very helpful staff, a mix of reasonable to outrageous prices and some good sales. I am glad they're now in Chelsea but I wonder, with the current economy how long they will remain there. I recently went from Gracious Home (virtually empty) to Bed, Bath and etc. which was packed. I know, different price points for different demographic but ...well, we'll see.

I would be very sorry to see them go as love not having to head uptown.

Apartment Therapy New York | NEWS: Gracious Home is Coming to Chelsea
6/21/09 03:34 PM

Fun! Please oh please paint that white wall, and not necessarily teal (great color!). Maybe a toned down teal, almost a light wash of color, a tint that isn't white but has a hint of teal. Also the dark couch weighs down that side of the room, perhaps a throw or covering that will add another pop of color that isn't so dark will balance the color sense overall. I was thinking red but a muted, smoky one so as to not have a blast of red that would again weigh down the room too. I think perhaps a balancing against the red and white chair would work. Don't know....but the couch just makes that side of the room feel unconnected to the rest of the space. Lining up the pillows is too geometric - maybe loosen up that arrangement. Maybe just different size pillows with infusions of color will balance the dark sofa and let the room have more flow.

Have fun as you continue to dress your space.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Erin's Teal and Red Living Room
6/21/09 02:28 PM

Is the glass crate perhaps an aquarium?

Apartment Therapy New York | Stefano Tonchi's New York City Apartment The Selby
6/21/09 02:08 PM

oh, you've been there 3 months - still impressed!

Apartment Therapy New York | House Call: Katherine's Sunny Studio New York
6/21/09 02:04 PM

What a charming and warm environment you've created. OK, there is a strong IKEA vibe (nothing wrong with IKEA - suits a lot of our budgets and aesthetic preferences) but perhaps as you settle in and live in the space and let the space live in you, so to speak, you can include some items that will break up the superstore furniture look. The addition of some almost out of place elements that actually do work, will add the edge that will counter the IKEA catalog look, creating more of a personal statement.

A designer friend of mine told me to avoid the "matchy-matchy" interior decorative rut. The b/w against the great wall color do make for a bold look, maybe introducing touches of another color will break up the somewhat static energy. I agree that the mirror is too small as it looks too wedged in between the curtain panels. I do like the curtains, perhaps sweeping them to opposite sides will open the space.

All in all it feels like an optimistic space and very impressive for only one month! Great bike.

Where do you keep your stuff? Do you have great closet space? If so, lucky you.

As someone mentioned, living spaces are evolving experiences.

Apartment Therapy New York | House Call: Katherine's Sunny Studio New York
6/21/09 02:02 PM

A neighbor whose apartment is in the front of the building was told by the Fire Department to get everything off the fire escape. That was about 10 years ago. Now, for the past approximately 8 years, on the very same block, there are neighbors in the front of buildings who have plants, storage bins etc. on their fire escapes but, not one of them have been told by the NYFD to get rid of them. Needless to say, those of us in the back of the building have never been told to remove items from the fire escape.

I've installed window boxes in metal window box holders over the fire escape railing so there isn't any problem with blocking walkways. Also, if you keep plants segregated to small corner of the fire escape away from the walkway, I cannot foresee that being problematic in case of an emergency.

For those of us without the luxury of a patio or garden or penthouse, sitting out on the fire escape in the spring and summer with a cool drink and a bit of greenery near us is a very relaxing experience, providing you don't have neighbors with backyards where the smoke from barbecues wafts into your asthmatic lungs. Thankfully, those neighbors moved away.

Apartment Therapy New York | The Greenest Thumb! Contest: Uma, Michael Ana's Garden Escape
6/18/09 05:41 PM

I live in an old (built in 1897) building and over the years have had unwanted visitors - ugh! - rodents...They truly give me the heebie jeebies and no, to me they are not cute. Their main points of entry are around pipes in kitchen area and under floor moldings which have, over the decades, separated somewhat from the floor, allowing visitations from the contortionist mice.

To the point, I have stopped up their entry holes with steel wool but over time the steel wool rusts. I just found out that copper mesh does not rust so hopefully this means that I will not have to go back and replenish the steel wool. I also put caulking over the steel wool, which little teeth can happily much through but, the steel wool (now using copper mesh) forestalls for a while.

I never had this frustrating problem before but this week I have baited traps with peanut butter and some sly mice with a light touch have evidently enjoyed their snack without tripping the trap! Very discouraging.

Lastly, I have used poison in the past and aside from one occasion, the mice evidently went to their reward somewhere other than my apartment, much to my relief. The one time the poor mouse died in my apartment from poisoning it was very upsetting as I saw his death throes so I swore never to use poison again. I took him out of his misery with a bash from a broom while my boyfriend of the time hid behind my skirts. However, after experiencing some mouse frolics despite the traps which they assiduously avoided I had to resort to poison. It works - best I've found is Contrac which is used by professional exterminators. I found it in only one hardware store which no longer exists but it is available online. There are other professional exterminating products online which most likely work as well as Contrac. I've had no success at all with the D-Con poison.

Now, for the ants which every spring come to say to deal with them.

Apartment Therapy New York | The Mouse Hunter: Foiled Again
6/18/09 05:25 PM