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The walls in your office are amazingly white.

I think the desk is incredible, but it's hard to tell how good it looks without some context as to its surroundings. Could be really awesome or really bad.

Will Urbina's The Desk | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
12/10/09 07:26 PM

Yes, everyone install unsigned drivers, and then blame "micro$oft" when your OS crashes, as is the popular thing to do.

If your drivers are unsigned, there is probably a pretty good reason for that.

Since microsoft doesn't make the hardware their software runs on, they don't write most of the drivers you will use. People ignorantly blamed Vista's problems on microsoft when in reality a lot of it was an onslaught of shit drivers. How long did it take nvidia to get proper vista drivers out again?

So microsoft wisened up and had enough with subpar coders giving their OS a bad name. Previously, only the 64-bit flavor of windows required drivers to be signed by micrsoft. With 7, microsoft is requiring ALL drivers to be signed by them, to prevent the kinds of epic crashes anti-MS fanboys drool over. Required driving signing is intended to provide you with a better computing experince. I think you guys should make the disclaimer in bold and in red with flashing lights and unicorns. It's a pretty bad idea to do this.

How To: Load Unsigned Drivers on Windows 7 | Apartment Therapy Unplugged
11/16/09 04:15 PM


I know! Totally! Apple also invented rectangular touchscreen phones. I can't believe how many people are ripping them off now!

Dell's Inspiron Zino HD | Apartment Therapy Unplugged
11/15/09 09:54 AM

"They don’t have desks in their bedrooms, which are meant only for sleeping......"

.....Because this way I can know what they are doing at all times and they will nevar have any privacy when they want it. I also think that I'm prepared to handle the massive levels angst this will cause as they become pre-teens and young teenagers. But really, I am not all prepared for the all the resentment headed my way.

There. I finished that quote.

Note to parents from a snarky 20-something with too many lingering parenting issues from my teens so that you can pass this off as a conflict of intreset, but enough insight that will cause you a sliver of doubt (even though you won't admit it):

Your children are not criminals. Your children are not sex-crazed whores. Your children are not drug addcits. Do not treat them like it. Just because your child doesn't want to indulged every detail of their life and doesn't want you to know what they are doing at all times does not mean they are doing something wrong. Ohh sometimes it does. But most of the time it doesn't. Spend too much time worrying about the 5% of the time they are doing something they shouldn't be while ignoring the 95% of the time they are aren't and you will regret it. I can guarantee that. My parents did.

Not that Mrs Levy is that kind of parent, and this is not a personal attack on her. But I have seen/heard these kinds of subtle comments from parents before and far too many times do they end up being the paranoid-smothering-overprotective type. It doesn't turn out well. Just a word of caution, that is all. Let your kids breathe. They will turn out OK. I did.

Damn, sounds like I have some things to say to my parent's huh? Meh, being passive-aggressive is more fun. What is post secret's mailing address again?

But yea. That is one of the classiest "home office" for kids I have seen, on this site or elsewhere. I'm serious. If only my parents had decorated my bedroom with penny tile and andy warhol I might not have all these pent up issues.


Apartment Therapy Unplugged | A Kid-Friendly Media Room
11/3/09 03:08 PM

An anceint 3MP power shot will undoubtedly produce better photos than a 3MP cell phone cam. Thing is, if Im taking a picture of something with an ancient 3MP power shot, I don't care enough about the difference in image quality between the power shot and my cell phone to warrant carrying the power shot around. Because if I care that much about the image quality, I'm not going to use a 3MP power shot anyways. And that's why the iphone is the #1 digital camera on the lagest image hosting website on earth.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Do You Need to Own a Digital Camera?
11/3/09 02:26 PM

I don't think dedicated digital cameras will ever die, but the market for small compact digi cams will evaporate. It's happening already. The iphone is now the most used camera on flickr. It has already replaced my need to carry around a compact digi cam to take quik photos.

Stand alone digital cameras will become more and more "pro-sumer" only, as the only reason people will need one is to take professional photos. And really, this segment will merge with HD video cameras. We are already seeing DSLRs that shoot in full HD and HD cams that take hi-res digital snap shots. Eventually they will be one in the same. Convergence.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Do You Need to Own a Digital Camera?
11/2/09 07:48 PM

Is this setup exclusive to macs or will any all-in-one with a thin enough profile work?

Do I need a sarcasm tag?

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Create a Small Floating iMac Workspace With Ikea Shelves
11/1/09 09:25 AM

"These drivers cost an additional $30 (Yeah.. kind of lame) and are available from the Mimo website located "


Sorry, but I can't help but find this funny. Mimo is pulling an apple. And by that I mean charging exhorbitant amounts for features/accessories that probably should have been included with original purchase.

$30 for an iphone dock? Should have been included.

No video recording for iphone 2/3G because the hardware can't support it, claims apple. Cycorder says differently.

ipod touch OS updates cost money? WUT!?

$20 for a remote? Used to come with macbooks.

Nickle. And. Dime.

Or maybe they aren't trying to mimic apple. Maybe, just maybe, it costs money to hire programmers to develop drivers for a platform that represents an insignificant market share (~7%). Remeber that next time you think it's "kind of lame".

I emplore anyone who takes issue with the cost of these drivers to write Mimo to convince them to stop developing for 90% of the market so OSX drivers can be free. Good luck with that.

/bitter iphone user eagerly biding his time until droid arrives.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Mimo Mini USB Monitors Make a Comeback
10/26/09 04:16 PM

I like the picture, but I think true "nerds", or people who actually crack open their PC and do this sort of thing, would have appreciated it more if there were not CAR PARTS coming out of the computer case.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Final Frame DIY Computer Repair?
10/15/09 12:58 PM

I give this app a rating of....meh. I was expecting a little more functionality from Adobe. I guess being free makes up for that. I personally use photogene. Does everything this app does but with a few more features. Eg. sharpness leveling, auto color leveling, temperature, individual RGB levels, contrast, and a few more features pertaining to cropping/rotating/etc. I think it was $3.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Photoshop for iPhone Allows for Quick Edits
10/12/09 10:06 PM

Thank you for the link. It did help a little. You can locate a dealer to get pricing from the kinetics site. I live in upstate NY and the only dealer they have that services this area is in Ohio :(

Oh well. Hopefully I can find an alternative somewhere around me. It was worth a try!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | An Environmentally Friendly Update to Acoustical Insulation#comments
10/6/09 03:46 PM

I love this product. I'm sure many other people do, too. Unfortunately the web designer for the site [Knauf Insulation] does not want anybody to use thier product.

There is no information anywhere on the site, either on the main site or region specific, pretaining to purchasing insulation, or even *WHERE* it can be purchased.

Usually, when you are in the business of selling of product, you make it as easy as possible for, you know, people to BUY your product.

An interesting business stratege they have.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | An Environmentally Friendly Update to Acoustical Insulation
10/5/09 01:31 PM

No. Unzip the file on your desktop and drag photo to dropbox. Load from dropbox on iphone.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Jonathan Adler's Free Smartphone Wallpaper
10/5/09 01:13 PM

iphone/touch air mouse app = bliss, although not applicable here. The only problem with touchscreen remotes is that you have to physically look at the remote the do anything. Can be an annoyance at times.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Touchscreen Remote for New Apple TV?
9/29/09 01:56 PM

Or should I have said "dockless"? Since we are being nit-picky with terminology. Damn, we need an edit button.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Do You Unplug at 100% Battery? Survey
9/15/09 04:52 PM

"I'm finding far fewer ergonomic issues using a laptop keyboard and track pad than with a mouse."

Yea, arthritis and complications usually take a few years to set in. Don't worry, you'll get there. Just think of how efficient and furgal you are *now*, keyboard and mouseless!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Do You Unplug at 100% Battery? Survey
9/15/09 04:50 PM


Typing on a laptop keyboard, regardless of if it is "full size", is not at all ergonomical. (IMO, any laptop with a true full size keyboard has at least a 15inch screen, usually bigger, which defeats the purpose of a laptop - portability).

Same goes for a mouse. Using the track pad is in no way ergonomical. Also, the area of your track pad is comically miniscule compared to the area of your desk. I can do in, one smooth comfortable motion, what it takes you to do in 4, 5, probably more, thumb swipes.

But hey, it's your body. Abuse it as much as you like!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Do You Unplug at 100% Battery? Survey
9/15/09 01:55 PM

It would be nice to see a true profile shot. These Sony press shots conveniently don't let you see how deep it actually is. Nonetheless, it still looks damn thin, and damn good. I don't think we will be seeing much thinner or nicer looking sets until OLED screens hit mainstream.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Super Slim, Super Expensive Sony KDL-XBR10 LCD
9/9/09 07:25 PM

Air Sharing is no longer free. The base verision costs $5 and pro is $10. If you want free, this is the way to go for basic file sharing between a PC and iphone.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | WiFi HD Turns Your iPhone and iPod Touch into a Wireless Hard Drive
9/8/09 07:14 PM

I can not even begin to explain the level of awesome obtained by that snow white vinyl.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | If DIY-Laptop Customization Scares You Try Vinylville
9/8/09 04:29 PM